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Jan 13, 2007 09:35 PM

Bacon....Not your typical kind.

I am searching for shops that sell the same kind of bacon one gets in the UK....I have a friend visiting from England and he always is disappointed with the bacon found in most supermarkets...I think Whole Foods might have what he is looking for...any ideas?

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  1. Try one of the Irish stores or a supermarket with Irish goods. Dorchester is a good place to start.
    FWIW Market Basket has slab bacon on slae this week. I got some to make quiche. I can't comment on the quality.

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      Lamberts in Dorchester carries what your are looking for, galtee brand, they have the small sausages as well. If you are going to Whole Foods pick up some Niman Ranch bacon and cook it in the oven or pick up the Irish style sausages they sell.

    2. What you are looking for is back bacon. I believe that Savenor's on Beacon Hill and Cambridge carries it.