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Jan 13, 2007 09:16 PM

reasonable to moderate restaurants in Boca Raton area?

I'm going to visit family and need some decent food.I've been going for a few years now and am really having a hard time finding places.

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  1. What type of cuisine are you looking for?
    Chinese--Gary Woos on Fed Hwy is one of the best I've eaten in FL
    American/Mixed - PF Changs, Cheesecake Factory are good bets
    Cuban - Padrino's in Mission bay is very good
    Mexican- Nice place on Dixie South of Yamato--lower end buy great food, can't recall name but you can't miss it.
    BBQ - Lucille's Bad to the Bone
    Steak - J Alexanders is good, not too pricey. Kick it up a little and morton's is first rate

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      we just ate at Padrino's tonight for the first time - it was great. we had some plaintain chips with mojo, ropa viejo & some pork lechon dish. it was all delicious. For 5 people ,with a pitcher of sangria and some yuca, no dessert, including tax & tip, the bill was $101.00. We can't wait to go back!

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        Last winter season we were in search of good BBQ and stopped to inquire at Lucille's Bad to the Bone. Staff informed us they did not slow cook/smoke the meat. That eliminated them from further consideration for us. Is that an eliminator for others? Maybe? Probably?

        1. re: feelinpeckish

          to Feelinpeckish-
          There is a NEW BBQ place in Boca- called BUCKY's--they have ribs and slow cooked pork etc..My parents go all the time- it is not cheap-runs about $10 for a BBQ sandwich and about $17 for pork loin (this is what my parents had last week).
          They do not take reservations so go around 5 pm or else there will be a long wait.

      2. The following are good and you can eat for about $10 per person:

        Senor Burrito or Las Fajitas (sister restaurants) - Mexican
        Mississippi Sweets - BBQ
        Cannoli Kitchen - Italian
        Bombay Cafe - Indian
        Red Rock - coal-fired pizza

        1. Lilly's off Palmetto Park road is excellent and not pricey! I love PF Changs, call ahead or make a reservation. Hubby likes Mississippi Sweets, i've never been.

          1. Lilly's is a favorite of ours. Very good, fresh food and the prices are great.

            1. Lily's is good Italian- the servings are HUGE- so only order one entree and SHARE- and then get a Salad and share...

              We took half our food home ( both had 2 entrees) and could have saved a lot by ordering one entree...Eat outside on the front patio.
              We are big eaters and if we took home 1/2 our portions, you know they are large.

              We also go to the CUBAN CAFE for dinner- 3350 NW Boca Raton Blvd - we have been going for is a pretty little restaurant with good waitstaff..the MOJITOS are not homemade- but the sangria is...Always get the plantain chips in garlic dipping sauce amd the ropa vieja is great...And we bring a lot of that home also as the portion is big.

              Max's is always GOOD--the price is right and they have a 3 course special for $20.07 pp ( ie.2007 calendar yr)...Call to see the times this is on--I don't know the cut off time...

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              1. re: Andy

                Love Cuban Cafe, really good food, nice space and friendly staff. I have been going for many years and have always been pleased. A combination of an out of the way location and a lack of interest in cuban cuisine by the local seniors has allowed us to just walk in and eat without a reservation even during the hugh season. Padrino's is good but cuban cafe is better. I can't wait to try The Coal Mine for pizza next month, I have not seen any chowhound reports about the place yet.