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reasonable to moderate restaurants in Boca Raton area?

I'm going to visit family and need some decent food.I've been going for a few years now and am really having a hard time finding places.

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  1. What type of cuisine are you looking for?
    Chinese--Gary Woos on Fed Hwy is one of the best I've eaten in FL
    American/Mixed - PF Changs, Cheesecake Factory are good bets
    Cuban - Padrino's in Mission bay is very good
    Mexican- Nice place on Dixie South of Yamato--lower end buy great food, can't recall name but you can't miss it.
    BBQ - Lucille's Bad to the Bone
    Steak - J Alexanders is good, not too pricey. Kick it up a little and morton's is first rate

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      we just ate at Padrino's tonight for the first time - it was great. we had some plaintain chips with mojo, ropa viejo & some pork lechon dish. it was all delicious. For 5 people ,with a pitcher of sangria and some yuca, no dessert, including tax & tip, the bill was $101.00. We can't wait to go back!

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        Last winter season we were in search of good BBQ and stopped to inquire at Lucille's Bad to the Bone. Staff informed us they did not slow cook/smoke the meat. That eliminated them from further consideration for us. Is that an eliminator for others? Maybe? Probably?

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          to Feelinpeckish-
          There is a NEW BBQ place in Boca- called BUCKY's--they have ribs and slow cooked pork etc..My parents go all the time- it is not cheap-runs about $10 for a BBQ sandwich and about $17 for pork loin (this is what my parents had last week).
          They do not take reservations so go around 5 pm or else there will be a long wait.

      2. The following are good and you can eat for about $10 per person:

        Senor Burrito or Las Fajitas (sister restaurants) - Mexican
        Mississippi Sweets - BBQ
        Cannoli Kitchen - Italian
        Bombay Cafe - Indian
        Red Rock - coal-fired pizza

        1. Lilly's off Palmetto Park road is excellent and not pricey! I love PF Changs, call ahead or make a reservation. Hubby likes Mississippi Sweets, i've never been.

          1. Lilly's is a favorite of ours. Very good, fresh food and the prices are great.

            1. Lily's is good Italian- the servings are HUGE- so only order one entree and SHARE- and then get a Salad and share...

              We took half our food home ( both had 2 entrees) and could have saved a lot by ordering one entree...Eat outside on the front patio.
              We are big eaters and if we took home 1/2 our portions, you know they are large.

              We also go to the CUBAN CAFE for dinner- 3350 NW Boca Raton Blvd - we have been going for years..it is a pretty little restaurant with good waitstaff..the MOJITOS are not homemade- but the sangria is...Always get the plantain chips in garlic dipping sauce amd the ropa vieja is great...And we bring a lot of that home also as the portion is big.

              Max's is always GOOD--the price is right and they have a 3 course special for $20.07 pp ( ie.2007 calendar yr)...Call to see the times this is on--I don't know the cut off time...

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                Love Cuban Cafe, really good food, nice space and friendly staff. I have been going for many years and have always been pleased. A combination of an out of the way location and a lack of interest in cuban cuisine by the local seniors has allowed us to just walk in and eat without a reservation even during the hugh season. Padrino's is good but cuban cafe is better. I can't wait to try The Coal Mine for pizza next month, I have not seen any chowhound reports about the place yet.

              2. I've eaten at a Japanese buffet called Kyojin that is quite good - lots of sushi and a small bbq station, plus some additional hot dishes many cold ones. I'm not sure of the exact location, but you can check the yellow pages. I'm going down to visit family next month and looking forward to another meal there, as well as trying some of the other suggestions above.

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                  we go there all the time- It is Kyojin on Powerline Rd between Palmetto Park and Glades...We LOVE it...they also have terrific tempura and some Dim Sum (which is just ok -not great)..but the Tempura is GREAT!