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Giada's new show on Food Network

I can't believe how her new show is just like the dreaded Rachael Ray's Tasty Travels. What's up with this ???

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  1. I watched part of it this morning. It was awful! Almost made Rachel Ray look good...and that's hard to do.

    1. She sure has a lot of different pairs of sunglasses in that show. Seems like every scene, different ones.

      1. Yes, I agree. So much food for a small Italian girl !! I'm wondering why FN has produced a show exactly like Rachael Ray's traveling shows. Oh yeah, now I remember - MONEY.

        1. There's another thread on this topic a few threads below this one: http://www.chowhound.com/topics/350174

          1. i think giada and rr are just so jealous of anthony bourdain (sp?) that they want to do the same thing and foodnetwork is like - well it works for him, why not our gals?

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              At least Bourdain is entertaining and funny.

            2. Between the Dean Boyz, RR, Giada and AB's travel show, enuf is enuf already. You would think the geniuses behind FTV would realize overkill is not a good thing.

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                there's also the hungry detective, the wondering drinker (or something on fine living), and that other guy (blanking on the name) on foodnetwork), food finds, and roker on the road. it's like - just an advertisement for mail order food.

              2. Ill watch,

                Giada is entertaining, intelligent, and very easy on the eyes.

                AS for the comments about "another travel show about food on the Food Network", it does belong, many of us take vacations centered around food as well as seeing new places..

                1. I liked it, but I like Giada, so there you go! I really only like to watch the travel shows if I'm getting ready to go wherever they're at- we're considering going to Seattle sometime this year, so I enjoyed watching that show.

                  I also watched the South Beach show... did anyone else think that one of the women she ate lunch with was Katie Lee Joel?!? I could swear that it was her, but it was such a quick pan!

                  Edited to add: I do watch Passport to Europe with Samantha Brown even if I have no plans to visit wherever she's at- I really enjoy this particular travel show.

                  1. I saw some of it yesterday. I would not purposely turn the show on. Pretty much of a yawn to me.

                    1. I'm glad Giada is on FN. The only thing worth watching on FN is her cleavage. Do you think she realizes this??

                      1. While I like Giada, there's nothing particularly special or different about her show than RR's or any of the other travel/food shows. They show the same things ---Space Needle/throwing fish at Pike Place Market--and it's pretty much the same script, different host. I guess I've just watched Food Network and the Travel Channel a lot over the years and these types of shows are all starting to run together and look alike. I want something that would make the show truly unique and standout from all the others. I liked the concept of "The Hungry Detective" but I just don't find Chris Cognac all that engaging and making me WANT to watch the show.

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                          I have always enjoyed Ian Wright and Justine Shapiro. They know travel and they like food too and its not cliched.

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                            The Concept was much harder to pull off w the time issues we had....w 5 places per show....how I wished we could just "show up" at a place....but we had to find clues....I learned that it was much easier to write about those things than to film them...for me it was a great experience and I learned a lot....I am not an actor, so the camera stuff was learned on the job....The last episode is Tues....its pretty good, we go to a great little tapas place in miami and also a fantastic family fish market for Lobster Thermidor...via a ride on a lobster boat ..take it from me, i learned one thing...Its a lot harder to make a TV show than you think....it opened my eyes for sure! Oh by the way, we plug Chowhound in the Miami show

                          2. Why can't we have more international food travel shows? I love the shows that take you somewhere obscure, find a local specialty and show you how it's made. And I don't mean Europe. Let's get off the map and see what's going on in Asia or Africa. Anyone know something like that on the air now?

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                              Royal Bisquit, have you seen Follow That Food? I've only seen it a handful of times, but it sounds a lot like what you're after. Every episode focuses on one food item - balsamic vinegar, devon double cream - and they talk about how it's made & then how some regional chefs use that ingredient. I think it's on Fine Living, but it might be on Style or a similar channel (but not Food Network).

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                                Royal Bisquit,
                                Watch No Reservations. Last episode was Ghana, and before that was Ireland.... Really off the path stuff.

                              2. The problem with the Food Network is the VP in charge of programming. Can't remember her name (although I interviewed her for an article a while ago)--she was formerly at CBS News or something like that, and has literally no interest in food. They hired her to create shows that would appeal to the LCD, people who weren't necessarily interested in watching Sara Moulten or Mario Batali teach them to cook, but weren't doing anything better than watching History Channel or A&E at night. The result was a line up that got rid of Sara and reduced Mario to weekday mornings, and begot new shows like Unwrapped, Top 5 and other nonsense hosted by Paula Dean's hillbilly sons and Rachel Ray. I'm amazed that Alton Brown survived the change in power---I guess it's because the show is a) damn good, and b) appeals to an audience beyond cooks. Thank god for that. His budget's gotten bigger in recent years too, so I guess not everything is rotten in Denmark. Still, she's a horrible woman.

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                                  the programming really does smack of 'network', which is also so utterly stupifying.

                                2. Absolutely dreadful. The FN has managed to air "personalities" that viewers grow sick of very quickly. It seems most of us are hoping for their demise rather than thinking "what will they do next???" . Maybe they need to do a Charity Type show to show a kinder/gentler side. Currently, it's just one bad 1/2 hour after another.