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Jan 13, 2007 08:23 PM

Cookshop brunch - what to order?

Going to hit the much lauded brunch tomorrow at Cookshop. What are the best bets/must haves? Thanks in advance!

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  1. The beignets to start.

    Order any dish on the menu with the Grilled Berkshire Pork Bacon. Make sure it's the home-made, double smoked, thick-cut Berkshire Pork bacon. They have other bacon on the menu as a side and while it is very, very good, it is not as heavenly as this stuff.

    I'd skip the French Toast for now since they've changed up the recipe recently....When I went last it was on Raisin Semolina bread (too grainy for a good French Toast) and with Vanilla-Mascarpone Cream (too creamy and heavy and sweet).

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    1. re: kathryn

      I'm confused about the bacon - their menu lists a side of "Twice Smoked Bacon," but the one dish comes with "Grilled Berkshire Slab Bacon," another with just bacon, and yet another with House-Made Canadian Bacon. Do you mean the Berkshire slab bacon (and, if so, any idea if it's available just as a side)?

      Also, has anyone had the trout? Or the cornmeal pancakes?

      I'm going on Sunday for the first time and very excited.

      1. re: adam

        The good bacon is the Grilled Berkshire Slab Bacon. Right now it is part of the skillet eggs entree, if I remember correctly. I am not sure if it is available as a side, but you can surely ask and then report back!

        The side of Twice Smoked Bacon is not noteworthy.

    2. The house-smoked fish is superb, as are the chilaquiles. The pastry basket is definitely worth trying, though not quite as good as Wallse's.

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      1. re: Benjamin68

        As with many restaurants, their brunch service is clearly staffed by the junior varsity. I like Cookshop alot, but their brunch is not that good, don't let the crowds fool you. Definately skip the Huevos Rancheros....

      2. I think I'm done with Sunday brunch for a while! I really liked Cookshop - overall impressive food, good service (not JV actually, at least this past Sunday), cool space, but the crowds just make it not worth it. I had the same experience recently with Jane. I plan on going to neither Jane nor Cookshop for sunday brunch ever again. With that said I really want to try Cookshop for dinner, as the fresh ingredients were some of the freshest and best I've had lately.

        Unlike an above poster, I thought Cookshop's version of Huevos Rancheros was quite good. Not as good as the amazing 'Blisters on my Sister' at the late Shopsins, but still damn tasty. Also good was the egg scramble (w/ that delicious bacon) served atop big, fluffy buttermilk biscuits, and the baked eggs (yes, w/ bacon) were very good as well. Unfortunately we didn't have the beignets, wish we had, instead shared the Raisin Semolina french toast, which sounded and looked delicious, but was simply mediocre. Our server was attentive and knowledgeable, it was just the bedlam that comes w/ Sunday brunch that (especially at such a popular spot) that made it not worthy of a return.

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        1. re: G4Gluttony

          Did you make a reservation or were you a walk-in?

          I like Cookshop and Jane (and Cookshop's sibling, Five Points) a lot for Sunday brunch before you can make a reservation in advance...sometimes even as close as the day before.

          I'll probably go back to Cookshop because I love the bacon so much.

          It's a shame the French Toast at Cookshop is not good because the Five Points banana-stuffed French Toast is one of my favorites.

          1. re: kathryn

            We had a reservation through opentable. Granted it was at 1pm, the height of brunch chaos, but it was just that - chaos. A horde of 15-20 people inside the front door waiting for or trying to get a table, your chair constantly being bumped into while eating, a feeling that they really want you gone cause they need the table, etc. It was exactly the same for me at Jane.

            As I said, I like Cookshop and will return, just not for brunch. I'd rather go somewhere else more under the radar for breakfast earlier and have a more peaceful experience.

            1. re: G4Gluttony

              Yeah, it's definitely boisterous, and can get loud.

              I don't mind the crowds, but if you do, it might be worthwhile getting together a larger party and looking to be seated in the booths in back, which seem much more civilized.