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Good food in Canton, Ohio

Sukho Thai -- opened just before Thanksgiving 2006. Very good Thai food, iffy service (be sure to ask that they hold your entree order until after your apps are out, if you mind the entrees sitting around in the kitchen). Avoid the mousse cake desserts - the sticky rice with coconut and mango is the best dessert there.

Hazel Artisan Bakery - Opened in October 2006. Amazingly good artisan breads, varying everyday (they always have batards and baguettes, at least first thing in the morning), and a nice selection of tarts, cookies, cakes, etc. Offers a small deli menu - soups, sandwiches, coffee and tea. Try the curry chicken salad on whole wheat raisin bread. They use KA flour.

The Tokyo Steak House and Sushi Bar - excellent japanese food. Don't sit at the hibachi or the sushi bar - better food comes out of the kitchen.

Cafe 1320 - a small eclectic dinner that serves really really good burgers and pasta at good prices. Try the olive burger. They make their own cakes and crumbles in house for desserts, and the coffee always seems fresh.

The Main Moon - a little chinese takeout place. Only good on the days when Grandpa is cooking (usually mid-week) - otherwise pretty standard chinese american food. Learned this as a result of asking the kid at the counter why the food was so good sometimes and so bad other times - "Because Grandpa doesn't feel like cooking every day."

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    1. AnnaEA, Could you please tell me where the Hazel Bakery and the Café 1320 are in Canton. I pass through that area occasionally and I am always looking for something other than the ubiquitous chains that seems to bloom there.


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        If you really know Canton then you know the best places to eat are: Arcadia Grille (downtown Court Ave), Taggarts (Fulton & 14th), Kennedy's BBQ (7th near Monument Park), John's (Cleveland/30th), Heggy's and our hometown pizza joints (PIzza Oven, Italos, Kraus's). If all you see are the chains then you haven't really seen Canton.
        I am always happy to tell you a great REAL place to eat!

      2. Kelli,

        Hazel and Cafe 1320 are both located on Cleveland/ Main Street - Cafe 1320 is, appropriately enough, at 1320 S. Main Street. It's tucked back into the right hand corner of the strip mall behind a restaurant called Varieties, across from the Waggoner's chocolate shop. Hazel is a couple of blocks north of the cafe, on the same road - I haven't got their address at hand, I'm afraid.

        It's in the lefthand unit of a stripmall, and they are building something right in front of it so you can't see them from the street -- Ro's Custard stand is right on the street there, in front of where Hazel is. If you are coming through in the summer, and looking for a soft ice cream fix, Ro's is the one of the best in the city.

        I suppose it says something about how I get around, that the navigable landmarks I can provide are other restaurants or food places. *lol*

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          AnnaEA, thanks for the information. I should have explained that I know Canton quite well. I took some continuing education classes at Kent State/Stark Tech, but I had never seen any of the business that you mentioned. I know where Ro's is, but I haven't been there in a few years.

          Is Johns Bar, near the intersection of Cleveland and route 62 still in business? I used to stop by there for their Lenten fish fry when I was in the area.
          There used to be a chocolate store behind the public library, is it still there? Heggys or London's are better, but they had really good and inexpensive turtles.

          I still miss record/CD shopping at the Quonset Hut, and the donuts at Amy Joy.

          P.S. I navigate the same way as you do. :)

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            I don't know John's Bar - next time I drive up that way I'll take a look! And there is a chocolate store behind the main library down town - it's a Heggy's.

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              Anna, I have always bought Heggys from the sandwich place/diner on Tusc, a little east of the mall.

              Johns bar on Cleveland ave. is/was in a low brick building beside the bridal store. You have to park and enter at the back.

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              John's Bar is alive and well! I don't know the last time you were there, but over the years they've expanded and it's still the same great place it always was.

            3. Milk and Honey - an ice cream and soda shop, with a small candy business and diner menu. The ice cream is good, they have a variety (usually about 10-15) of flavours that change on a regular basis, and enough customers so that it is always fresh. The diner food is edible, but the prices are rock bottom so it's hard to complain too much. The candy is nothing special, though the dark chocolate coated marshmallows are totally yummy. A good place to take a date to share a banana split after a movie.

              1. The Sahara Grille - a nice greek/lebanese place, overshadowed by the Olive Garden next door. It always looks like it will be packed because the parking lot is crowded, but it never is. They make the best tabouli I've found in Canton so far, and also carry a small stock of middle eastern groceries (tahini, pita, etc).

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                  Do you have any other recommendations (or cautions) in addition to the tabouli? (Can't wait to try that!) I'm considering ordering from Sahara for a 40-person birthday party ... the menu looks great, but I won't have a chance to get to Canton to try anything prior to the party.

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                    Their baba ganoush(sp?) is good, but I find their hummus a bit pasty for my tastes. Other then the hummus, I've never been disappointed with anything I've ordered.

                    Dishes that stand out - their house rice - it's made with ground meat (lamb or beef - it varies) and pine nuts. And they make a wicked good sambusic (sp?). The grape leaves are good - served yogurt rather then lemon but you can get lemon if you ask. And they have (or had last year - I don't drink much) a decent wine selection.

                    I believe they have live entertainment on the weekends - a belly dancer, I think. And Sundays you'll get the after church crowd from the Greek Orthodox churches in town.

                    I hope you find a good meal for the birthday party!

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                      I finally had a chance to visit Sahara Grille over the weekend ... you were right on with the tabouli (so delicious!) and the hummus (really pasty). We tried the appetizer portions of spanakopita, stuffed grape leaves and sambusic, which we enjoyed, but I sense that they're better in entree form. My parents and husband and I each tried variations of the "Tour of Sahara" entree (rice, choice of grilled veggies/and or meat) -- all were very good. My mom especially enjoyed her grilled salmon. Next time I will try the baba ghanoush and moussaka.

                      Thanks for the recommendation!

                2. Pataya - a Thai/Chinese place on 30th street, near (but across the street from) Sears. Lin is back in the kitchen after having taken off for a while due to a baby in the family, and the food is good again. Not as perfect as Sukho Thai, but about a quarter of the price. There is also a special menu of Vietnamese dishes at the end of the week - but good luck on ordering from it - the kitchen seems to be perpetually out of the Vietnamese ingredients. The best dish so far - a crab/noodle soup which is to die for. It's not a menu dish, but ask if Lin's made it - it's delicious. The coconut fried bananas are also excellent.

                  Taggarts - An old timey ice-cream and burger place. They serve phosphate soda's, in your choice of lemon, lime, cherry and vanilla (I think - might be wrong on the vanilla), have great burgers, and really good home made ice cream served in crazy large scoops (ice cream splits should be split - you can't finish one of these alone). The ice creamery side of the restaurant has a kosher dairy certification - the letter of certification is posted in the front window of the restaurant.

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                    The Bitner is a must if you ever visit Taggarts. Sadly, I'm only about 3 miles away, but only get the chance to go here about once a year. Milk and Honey is closer, so they get my business much more often. I've never tried Pataya and Main Moon, but I will soon.

                  2. Update on Pataya: Food has really gone downhill. Lin has been in the newspaper for some pretty serious health violations in the kitchen, and the last time I was there and ordered the Thai tea I got a cup of foul fermented ropey scum. Avoid.

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                      The Pataya has closed. The owner got *really* weird towards the end. A new place is opening (open?) in the site, but I haven't had a chance to try it out yet.

                    2. Ichiban Japanese Buffet - recently opened. AYCE buffet with sushi bar and hibachi grill. Food on the buffet is standard acceptable, best if you can get it right after it comes out.. Good squid salad, seaweed salad. Below par miso soup.

                      The hibachi cook knows how to cook beef - it's been perfectly to order every time I've gotten the hibachi.

                      Sushi -- what's out will be fresh but ordinary, anything you ask for will be dreamy, and if you tip well and talk intelligently to the sushi chef, you may find an unexpected offering turning up at your table.

                      I think they do have a menu, if you ask for it.