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Jan 13, 2007 07:56 PM

taco night... its always the same old thing... i need some variation...

My husband and i LOVE taco night... i get ground beef, taco shells and the taco seasoning... i make the meat with the seasoning... nothing else... sometimes i put tomato sause... but it is really not that great... we cut tomatoes, cutcumbers, lettus and pickles up... sometimes i make guackamoli, but we both dont like muchrooms and onions... tacos are gettiong boring... and ideas on how to chance our tacos for the good???

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  1. There are many many tacos out there. Maybe you need to investigate some variations. Your tacos will be better if you make your own shells too from fresh tortillas. Fried fish tacos are divine, thinly sliced steak, sauteed chicken, all veg. Scrambled egg and chorizo for breakfast....check out Epicurious they have 41 recipes to get you started and throw that taco seasoning junk away when you start looking and learning new variations you may never go back to where you started from.

    1. Very easy, if you like spicy -- instead of taco seasoning, get a can of chipotle peppers in adobo, chop finely and toss in one or two with ground beef. Refried beans and cheese make great tacos, or how about burritos?

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        my husband would love the spicy idea... but i cant stand spicy food... the refried beans do sound good... we usually eat them with hamburgers, hotdogs, fried, etc... b-b-q night. we sometimes do chese, and i have never tried burritos... thanx...

        and the recipes from Epicurious seem good... i will try some of them soon... problem is we dont have much fish n stuff in the house... taco night is usually a , find whatever vegis we have and make um cuz there is not much else and i did not go shopping yet kinda night...

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          I sometimes do fried (or not) shrimp tacos which are really good too.I always have shrimp in my freezer. You just need to do a little pre-planning to try out some different taste sensations

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            Take a soft tortilla(either corn or flour, I prefer flour)spread the refried beans on it and rap it around your hard shell taco. Controls the spilling and tastes great. All the other replys sound great also. Trying things other ways makes eating interesting.

        2. VL, I recently experienced some fantastic brisket tacos at Manny's in Dallas. I tried re-creating them by slow cooking a brisket (braised 4-5 hours covered at 275 degrees until completely tender but you could use a slow cooker.) The brisket was cooked with garlic, onions, celantro and Gebhardt's chili powder. The difference between a brisket taco and a hamburger taco will amaze you.

          1. How about authentic carne asada tacos with fresh corn tortillas, onions, cilantro, and fresh pico de gallo? Flap meat or skirt steak works best for these. You can find a ton of recipes for this on the web, but the marinade for the meat is critical, which usually consists of seasoning salt, cilantro, orange juice, and slivered onions. The meat tastes best grilled, but is easily cooked on a cast iron skillet or griddle. If done right, you are not likely to go back to the old crispy shells and ground beef anytime soon.


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              I do these with skirt steak marinated with achiote verde, chopped jalapenos, and lime juice. I get the meat from the Mexican butcher in the next town north of us, and he chops it in little cubes for me. When I go to cook it, I put it in a cast iron skillet marinade and all. After it's cooked I drain the liquid off, then put it back in the skillet and let any remaining surface moisture cook away. Then I heat the tortillas for a few seconds in a small skillet over really high heat, add a spoonful of meat, a few chopped onion bits, some cilantro and a little queso anejo. This doesn't take a whole lot more work than what you're already doing, although if you can get a second pair of hands to do the chopping while you brown the meat (or vice versa), and put the tacos together assembly-line-style, it makes it that much easier.

              But I still occasionally do the crunchy shell/ground beef/ seasoning packet routine from time to time. It has its place.

            2. Leftover cooked chicken or pork with a small can (8 oz.) of Spanish-style tomato sauce; add these to sauteed onions and garlic, then enhance with chili powder, cumin (I like to roast the whole seeds and grind them up) and maybe a splash of Worcestershire (to taste). Put into a warmed corn tortilla, fold it over, and then fry; or, more authentically, put inside a pair of warmed corn tortillas and don't fry. Add any toppings you like: avocado, cheese, raw onion, whatever. Easy, delicious, and infinitely variable; it's one of my go-to dinners when I don't feel much like cooking.