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Jan 13, 2007 07:54 PM

So, how is Farrah's?

Several people on this board have made reservations to try Farrah's this week, but I haven't seen any reports yet. Just curious, what did you think? Is it worth the drive? Any "must try's"?

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  1. I went last November, not during RW; if you search on Olivia you'll find my longish review. It's definitely a restaurant worth trying.

    1. I had brunch at Farrah Olivia yesterday. They were serving the RW menu (either 2 apps + entree or app + entree + dessert).
      We opted for the later. The food was excellent. This could easily become my new favorite restaurant. The duck confit (with grapes, endive and blue cheese) is worth the trip back at full price. The other app. ordered was the cod cakes, which were good. I had the seared salmon for an entree. It was perfectly done (just seared on the outside). My friend had the french toast which was great. We ordered the chocolate dessert and the spice dessert. The chocolate dessert was divine as well as the spice (spice cake with fig and marscapone). Each plate was nicely presented. I can't wait to go back and try one of the tasting menus for dinner.

      1. Concur, very good choice for RW. Went Friday for lunch. The entire menu is open, but most with surcharges. There are 2 or 3 appetizer, entree, and dessert choices if you want to keep it at $20. You first get a freebie tapenade selection with an absolutely astounding bok choy tapenade, very original and delicious, though all four were very good. We had black eyed pea fritters, crispy and perfectly cooked, goat cheese dumplings in an asian (soy/sesame) sauce. For entree, the pork and salmon, the salmon was perfectly cooked, in fact everything was perfect, the food the service. There is an emphasis on presentation, so servings are not huge, but very adequate nonetheless. The desserts, in our opinion, did not measure up to the rest of the meal, a strawberry concoction and a pineapple cake that was pretty good, but these were $9 regular price, a bit much we thought. Overall, a very good RW choice as normal prices are very high. We went at 1pm, left at 2pm and there was a well-deserved line out the door.

        1. I went to try Farrah Oliva last Thursday for RW. I must say that the presentation and food was simply amazing. I brought my mom, aunt,and brother and we all enjoyed the every meal that we ordered. The blackeye fritters were excellent. Our main dishes consisted of organic chicken (oh so tender), pork chop (not dry), and salmon (perfectly cooked). The desserts were just simply delectable. As my mother stated, she simply felt like one of the judges from Iron Chef competition because of the food presentation. The portions are just just right...will not leave you so stuff or hungry for a hamburger later than evening.

          I definitely will go back again just simply for the food and presentation.