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Jan 13, 2007 07:34 PM

I don't like rice

what is a good and delicious alternative to rice as an accompaniment to other dishes?

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  1. Mashed potatoes are always a good stand-by. What is it that you don't like about rice? Do you not like all types of rices, or just the typical long-grain?

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        You might try a different kind of rice -- jasmine rice is much more fragrant and flavourful than that Uncle Ben's crap which still dogs the heels of Americans. Same for basmati.

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          Depends on what type of rice and how it's prepared. I stay away from converted rice or anything instant. Regular rice, long, medium and short grain has wonderful flavor when cooked properly. More fragrant rices like Jasmine or Basmati are wonderful and full of flavor. Couscous is a pasta and really has very little flavor unless you use stock or other flavor ingredients. Bulgur, barley, oat groats and other grains all have unique flavors to experiment with.

        2. re: kcchan

          I hate rice! I don't like the consistency or the smell of it. Unless it's totally covered in something. My alternative is pastina. Or orzo.

          1. re: southernitalian

            When you say that you "hate rice" do you include in that Italian risotto and Spanish paella?


        3. I love cous cous and it's so quick. I only prepare whole grains at home, so it's ww for me. Cannellini are good, and don't get in the way of other flavors. I've never tried rice beans, but you might like them or other legumes. See

          1. Bulghur is excellent & a snap to make...just add water/stock & let stand until soft...currants, toasted almonds or walnuts also go well....Kalustyan's in NYC has excellent bulghur...I also like the one from Bob's Red Mill

            1. Barley. what don't you like about rice?

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              1. re: Candy

                I find it tasteless on it's own-don't like the consistency

              2. I never liked rice either until I had brown rice - not white, not yellow but brown. Tastes nutty and I actually like it!!