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Jan 13, 2007 07:30 PM

New: Kyoto-style Japanese food at Naminami in Mountain View

Just happened by this new restaurant in Mountain View last night on Castro Street in the old Kamei location.

They serve Kyoto-style Japanese which is more elegantly prepared small plates (i.e. tapas) with lots of fresh seasonable vegetables fish and meat rather than the standard sushi or teriyakis. They plan to rotate the menu every 3 months.

The food was amazing - a "hotpot with beef and mizuna" was clear, smooth, the beef was great quality and definitely worth having again. From the deep fry menu, we had shrimp with sesami tofu wrapped in yuba (tofu skin). Absolutely amazing - and the tofu is made from sesame instead of soybeans! Even better was the dessert - strawberry and red-bean spring rolls - you have to save room.

We can't wait to go back and try some of the fish, more items from the grill menu, and more of the sesami tofu!

Grand opening is next week...

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  1. Super, thanks for posting! Here's another enthusiastic report -

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    1. re: Melanie Wong

      This type of cuisine is kaiseki; the japanese equivalent of french haute cuisine. It varies with the seasons. I had it several times when I was in Kyoto. Thanks for the heads up I will check it out when I come in April.

    2. It seems like naminami is a la carte. I've found that kaiseki generally means some sort of set menu (like kaygetsu in menlo park's kaiseki). Does naminami have a set menu?

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        A post in the other thread suggests that the cooking style might be koryori -

      2. do you need a reservation for this place?

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          Chose this place to meet a couple of South Bay friends for a meal next Tuesday, and figured I'd get reservations just to be on the safe side... but I can't find a phone number. Looking on Google, Yelp, etc, yields no contact info, and 411 directory
          assistance couldn't help either. So I think we'll just wing it. For a Tuesday dinner at
          such a new restaurant, I can't imagine a reservation would be essential, but if anyone
          knows otherwise, I'd definitely be interested in contact info for the restaurant.

        2. This place kinda sounds like another izakaya restaurant. Does it have some similar dishes to the ones at Tantos or Gochi? The kaiseki meals are more ornate/beautiful and formal/traditional. This place doesn't sound like that. Will definitely have to try it.

          1. From THE DIGEST blog -

            Nami Nami Kyoto Style Japanese Cuisine [Peninsula]
            formerly Kamei Japanese House
            240 Castro St., between Dana and Villa Sts., Mountain View