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Silverlake Dinner?

Going to spaceland tonight and need a good/nice restaurant for dinner before. Was thinking about Blairs or Edendale Grill.....any suggestions?

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  1. Blairs of those two, for sure. Cliff's Edge is also quite nice, although the weather might hinder your love for the patio. vermont on Vermont at Prospect could also work as could Canele in Atwater on Glendale Blvd.

    1. I certainly agree with Carter on all three recommendations.
      One more possibility. I haven't been there--but friends of mine who are foodies recently went to Asia on Los Feliz Blvd. and said they had a terrific meal. I was surprised, because I didn't hear great things when they first opened. But maybe things have changed.

      1. I'd certainly agree with Blair's over Edendale. Edendale is good for drinks but not much more. Another possibility is Aroma at Sunset and Silverlake / Parkman.

        1. how about cafe stella vs. blairs

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            Definitely Blair's over Stella. Stella is deafeningly loud, even though it's mostly outdoors.

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              ...but, then again, Blair's isn't all that great either. It does, however, have a space better suited to this cold snap.

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                Oh I completely disagree. Blair's is excellent, in my opinion.

            2. All these recs are right on the money. Cafe Stella is mostly outdoors, so tonight would be a bad time to go there. Most people on this board believe it is overpriced for what it is. (I have not been there in a few yrs). Blair's is very good, and if you can't get a reservation, try to eat at the bar. At least pre-expansion, that is what we always do. I ate at Vermont last month and was actually very surprised how good it was, so I would recommend considering that. I only ate at Aroma once, and it was solid. Not amazing, but good enough that I intend to go again. Usually though, I'd prefer La Buca though Aroma's setting (and service) are much better. I did not like Canele when I went a few mos. ago, but if you do go, please report back b/c it was pretty new when I went, and thus might be better now.

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                The wife and I have been to Canele twice, and thought it was great both times. Just be sure that you're OK with being up close and personal with your fellow diners, because they really pack the tables into that place. But the food is excellent, and the open kitchen gives it a nice feel.

              2. i was going to suggest blair's that's great. great food and wine list. service is wonderful.

                1. This may just be my opinion, but I'd say: Canele over Blair's, Blair's over Cafe Stella. I go to Canele about once or twice a month, and it's been consistenly good (caveat: the boeuf bourgignon seems to have gotten a tad heavier).

                  Is Madame Matisse open anymore? That might be a good option as well.

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                    Matisse is no longer open for dinner.

                  2. Had Edendale a couple of weeks ago. I keep going back hoping that the food will get better, but it never does. Stella has always been bad. Gingergrass is too much chaos. Alegria on Sunset has great food but no booze (but no corkage; I even took in a pitcher of margaritas a couple of times without a problem), and is cash only. Aroma is soild, consistent, and worth every cent. I love Cliff's Edge, but if I can't eat in the garden or the weather is bad, forget it.

                    For the though the best place for a meal, to me, in Silverlake, is Blair's.

                    Yeah the menu is old, but it's still top notch. Now that they are open for breakfast and lunch, they can be sure to get more of my business (though I'm going to have to ask my boss for a raise to afford it!). Besides the great food, is a great wine list, and terrific atmosphere.