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Jan 13, 2007 07:22 PM

Indian buffet in Jackson Heights?

I've eaten a lot of Indian food in Jackson Heights, but have never been to any of the buffet places. Are any of them decent?

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  1. since 'decent' was the criteria you used -- not 'great' -- i can give something of an endorsement to indian taj. the veg dishes are pretty good, they usually have one or two appetizer choices on the buffet, and the steam table actually has some steam, so that diners actually get a hot meal. top notch/ nope. but good bang for the buck/ sure 'nuff.

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      I used to go to Jackson Diner years ago, though never went back after I gained four pounds in one very pleasant hour. Usually one or two dishes were quite good, the rest not, so I'd start by taking a tiny taste of everything on my plate, then concentrate on the winners. That seems to be the way to do it, but I don't know if Jackson Diner has gone south or not.

      1. re: Brian S

        Their lamb chop appetizer is really amazing. I know this place gets a bad rap, but I think the food there is good.

    2. I like Ashoka, thought the atmosphere isn't the best

      1. I've been to both Jackson Diner and Ashoka. I personally like Ashoka better. I think Jackson Diner has a much better variety / selection of foods, so I always bring visitors there first for them to figure out what dishes they like best.

        1. I used to go to Taj until one off day where everything tasted like nothing, or worse. I haven't had the stomach to try it again, although maybe the cook was out that day. The last time I was at Jackson Diner was on a Sunday, and everything was hot and tasty. I haven't been to Ashoka in years so I can't compare.

          1. I tried Delhi Palace last weekend and it was fresh and decent at noon. They'll make you mini dosas if you ask (included in the buffet). But like all the other JH Indian restaurants, it's nothing special.

            I tried Indian Taj several months ago and found it horrible.

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              I tried Delhi Palace recently for lunch and agree it was nothing special. Certainly better than what I could get for the same price point in most of Manhattan, but the meat curries weren't all that great. Veg was better, especially the sambar as they ommited the drumsticks I dislike, but the raita could have used a lot more work.