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Jan 13, 2007 06:41 PM

Types of Salt.

What's the differece between kosher salt and sea salt?
also,I bought this jar of salt (Trapani Sea Salt)and spent $14 (from italy). my boyfriend flipped. i don't know why i purchased it. i felt frivolous.
Are there people with 10 jars of diffent types of salts in their cupboards?

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  1. Jo Blam, You need a new boyfriend who is a Chowhound. Use the Trapani salt as a "finishing salt" sprinkled on the dish just before serving. (Great on grilled vegetables, fish, egg dishes, etc.) Try a taste test: Taste a sample of the Trapani by itself and then do the same with some Morton's. You'll notice how Morton's tastes too salty by comparison. Kosher is a coarser salt that dissolves slow and is excellent for stews, soups and braising. Finally, to test your relationship, buy some Italian truffle salt. Not only does it add great flavor to almost anything, you'll know if you're with the right guy or not.

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      Ha ha, i will do the taste test. and i will buy the Italian truffle salt. Here's hoping,,,

    2. i've been wanting to try some of the smoked salt and the pink salt.

      i just buy alessi brand sea salt at the grocery store.

      if you have any TJ Max's or Marshall's stores near you, they actually have a decent little selection of gourmet type seasonings (including sea salt) at non-gourmet prices. they had some type of a finishing salt there as i recall. (big flakes)

      ( alas, didn't see any smoked salt there ;) )

      1. yes, there are people with 10 different salts in their cupboards. I'm trying to cut back so I have only
        - Maldon (my standard finishing salt)
        - an Australian crystal
        - Halen Mon smoked sea salt
        - smoked rock salt (from some place in Palo Alto)
        - truffle
        - himalayan rock salt
        - black
        - red hawaian
        - grey salt from Brittany
        - Camargue fleur de sel

        1. I got my Trapani Sea Salt at TJ Maxx for $4.99. It is a 10 oz. jar. They usually have it on the shelf.

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          1. re: Candy

            I can beat that... got a 12 oz bag of Sale Trapani at Pennsylvania Macaroni here in Pgh for $2.99. Use it in our panini shop/coffeehouse along with kosher salt, no table salt used.

          2. Hey orangewasabi, where you find your fleur de sel? I need a nice flaky salt to finish a chocolate mousse...thanks!

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            1. re: MIss G

              the one I have right now I brought back from Paris.

              1. re: MIss G

                Fleur de sel is pretty easy to find in most cities but you can mail order several varieties including the one from Carmargue at
                Saltworks offers a wide range of sea salts from some that I see at my local Safeway to artisanal salts from around the world. Also bath salts at great prices.

                1. re: MakingSense

                  that's a GREAT site and new to me, thank you.

                  Has anyone tried the Fumee de Sel by Le Tresor? How does it compare to the Salish?

                  Gah! I want so much of this stuff!