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Jan 13, 2007 05:34 PM

Food delivery

Let's say your favorite delivery place left out something on your order, would you tip the delivery guy again when he brings the missing item eventhough it's the restaurant's fault?
one of my coworkers said I should because the delivery guy is doing extra work while my other coworker said it's not necessary since it's not my fault.
What do you guys think?

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  1. I usually would. I think it probably depends on how much you think the problem is the fault of the restaurant, and on how much you want the delivery guy to still like you.

    I've occasionally stiffed delivery people on the second tip when it was their fault I didn't get my food all at once - other times, it's clearly been the restaurants fault, and then I do second tip - usually just a couple of bucks, because regardless of how or why the restaurant messed up, the delivery guy has to take the 20-30 minutes to re-deliver to me. Otherwise he'd have a new delivery, and if it's not his fault he's having to re-deliver, he doesn't deserve to be punished by losing his income from doing the work.

    1. Recently the pizza delivery arrived over an hour late and threw our evening plans out of whack. Sure, we could have driven over to eat pizza on site or picked up the pizza ourselves but we were multi-tasking the evening as it were :)

      So, when we called the order in we explained our time frame and the owner confirmed the pizza would arrive in plenty of time. I called back twice to see if the order had left, if the driver was lost...and told both times told the order was enroute.

      When the pizza arrived we not only stiffed the delivery person but refused to pay for the pizza. Why? Because they blamed each other and frankly as the customer it wasn't going to be our problem.

      Had either the owner or driver coped to the issue we would have tipped the driver and saved the now cold pizza for the next night.

      I dislike being the "meanie" but I'm also tired of poor customer service.

      1. 1) The delivery guy should have your reciept.

        2) The reciept should have every item ordered spelled out, individual item priced, subtotal, Tax (subject to state/country) and a final Total.

        Forgive me, but nothing be missing from a written order that should add up. Does your Pizza place operate that way as I listed above?


        I recall once, our Pizza person had only a post it note with the amount due on it. Well, the franchise chain rules makes that order free. You are always entitled to the reciept.


        1. "Let's say your favorite delivery place left out something on your order, would you tip the delivery guy again when he brings the missing item eventhough it's the restaurant's fault?"

          I would stiff, because the delivery guy DIDN'T MAKE SURE ALL THE ITEMS WERE THERE BEFORE LEAVING as long as my receipt was completely correct. In other words, HOW IN THE WORLD IS THAT THE "RESTAURANT'S FAULT? The delivery guy needs to make sure he's bringing the correct food and ALL of the food as well. If the cook left something out, the delivery guy should tell the cook about the error BEFORE delivering the food. Now, if the order taker did a poor job of inputting the order, you'll know that by your receipt. Like one time my pizza with cheese sticks from papa john's had 5 cheese sauces written on the box just as I had ordered it, but when the delivery guy arrived at my husband and I's house, I only got delivered ONE cheese sauce with the rest of the food. The delivery guy was 100% at fault for NOT MAKING SURE EACH ITEM IS THERE THAT WAS ORDERED IN THAT SITUATION! Yes, I made someone come back to bring them, because I did PAY for them. They actually charge you for the cheese sauces and I actually dip the pizza in the cheese sauce and the cheese sticks. I don't owe the delivery guy ANYTHING for RUINING MY MEAL OVER NOT *LOOKING* FREAKIN 5 SECS TO MAKE SURE I HAD EVERYTHING I ORDERED. That is why I STOPPED getting delivery from there. They can't get it right. It's not about the not wanting to pay the tip, it's about my food is WRONG when it arrives. I'd rather be able to just get more cheese sauces in a minute or so than to have to wait 20 minutes for some other driver to drive to my house to bring them.

          "one of my coworkers said I should because the delivery guy is doing extra work"

          That is the fault of the *DELIVERY DRIVER*, so HE IS THE ONLY PERSON TO BLAME FOR NOT TAKING A FEW EXTRA SECONDS TO MAKE SURE THE FOOD WAS CORRECT as long as the order was taken correctly that is. You can be sure of that when you see your receipt. Does it have you ordered beans, but they have potato salad in the bag instead or it's not even in the bag? Those are OBVIOUS mistakes that should be penalized for making the customer wait 20 minutes or so LONGER to eat. A stiff is what you should do, because they were TOO DAMN LAZY to take a few seconds to LOOK to make sure they had everything correct BEFORE they left. It's enough that we all end up having to check our food before we leave at fast food places, I think delivery service should be a step up from that, but sadly enough, it's not. Considering tipping is involved in delivery, I would stiff if my receipt proved that the order taker did their job corrrectly, but the delivery guy didn't. If my receipt proved the order taker was at fault, then I wouldn't take it out on the delivery guy, if anything, that's when I'd tip more for the extra trip, because it wouldn't have been the driver's fault if the order taker pressed the wrong buttons.