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Jan 13, 2007 05:33 PM

Anyplace good for a group of 10 in the Valley?

Need a place for a group of 10 for dinner. Must be located in the Valley. Moderate to Expensive. Not too noisy.

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  1. La Loggia in Studio City is very accommodating - especially in their nicely warmed patio area. Very good Italian food with option of adding food from their adjacent tapas bar. Very attentive and intelligent service. I have done dinners for up to fourteen very comfortably there . . .

    1. Max in Sherman Oaks has a separate alcove area as well as a heated patio, while ca del sole in Universal City/N. Hwd. area would also work. Pinot Bistro also has several alcoves throughout the dining room that would work, yet am not in love with the food, which while ok, is not up to the standards of others nearby.

      1. Where in the Valley and what kind of food? My recs for west Valley is:

        Gorikee's (go early if you had a big party)
        La Frite (french)
        Ruth Chris's for steak

        1. Pinot Bistro in Studio City. Or you might try Cafe Cordiale I think they have a private room.

          1. Monty's has a room in back that's good for large parties.
            La Frite can take a large party on the patio, but it's kinda noisy.
            Ca del Sole near Universal City does a great job with large parties.