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Jan 13, 2007 05:12 PM

Some recs (early non-hotel bkfst, maybe tasty lunch) in area around M. Hopkins?

L.A. Hound in town for biz next month, with chow-spouse. Already booked into the Hopkins.

ANY decent early breakfast (i.e. NOT brunch; we're talking 6:30-7 AM start)other than hotel restaurants, to be found w/in 2-3 blocks? I HATE hotel breakfasts, and brunches. Prior post on subject seemed to concentrate on brunch-y places.

How about lunch? What's around that's tasty, and not too pretentious/pricey for lunch? We'll eat food from almost any ethnic group (although not crazy about Burmese fermented bamboo shoots) and we don't eat mammals, so brazilian/argentine "beef, beef, and beef, with some pork on the side" places don't do much for us.

r gould-saltman

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  1. Two breakfast places near the hotel are Dotties True Blue Cafe on Jones, and Sears Fine Foods on Powell. Both are crowded, but that early will be fine. For lunches, search the board for Chinatown recs, you are only a few blocks away.