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Jan 13, 2007 04:26 PM

Copper pan warped?

I have 12" copper skillet I picked up this summer. It's a Sur La Table piece made by Mauviel. 1.5mm copper with stainless steel interior.

It's a HEAVY pan and I've been pleased with how it's performed but I took it out this morning to saute some apples for a dessert I'm making and it seems to have warped!

I use it on a ceramic cooktop...I never cook above med/med high(#6 setting of 10) and haven't had a problem with any of my other cookware warping.

I'm really surprised. I'll take it back under warranty. Warping shouldn't be a regular occurence with a properly made copper pan right? I was thinking about investing in a couple more pieces of copper(though was already thinking about a thicker layer of copper)but if I have to worry a lot about warping maybe not.

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  1. Did you stick it under water while it was very hot? If not, no, it shouldn't warp and at a presumably heft price, I'd certainly look into returning it. I wouldn't bother with an even exchange, it doesn't bode well for that line in general, I think.

    Now, I notice you mention "layer" of copper, so I'm confused about what you have. "Copper pans" are solid copper with a thin layer of something less reactive covering it. What you may have is a SS pan with a thin copper plating or something, in which case that's a whole 'nother ball of wax. Exacatly what brand/line are we talking about?

    1. Sorry, I'm mindless, ignore that second paragraph, I got confused when I saw your comment about "copper layer." (It's not a layer, it's the pan's base material.)

      Mauviel should not warp, but I have no idea what if anything they have to say about using it on a ceramic range. At a minimum, call Sur La Table and ask them. I'd lean heavily toward returning it, myself.

      1. It's co-branded Sur La Table and Mauviel. I'm not sure they carry this particular line anymore(it has a brass handle) though the still do have some Mauviel.

        It's either 1.5 or 1.8mm copper with a stainless steel lining. I've read that 2+ mm is better.

        My husband does the dishwashing. I'll have to ask him about having washed it hot.

        edit: the pan I have is basically this one with a Sur La Table branding as well.

        I will return it for sure...and am glad to hear this shouldn't be a typical concern with a copper pan. Did really like how it performed like I said.

        1. If you can, and this is of course also a financial consideration, try and exchange up to a 2.5 mm pan. 1.5 mm is good for display and serving, but not for serious cooking.

          1. You are probably talking about Mauviel "table top" it's really made more for nice table presentation. I use the 2.5 Mil Mauviel daily and have not had a problem. I abuse it regularly on my hi power gas burner and then put water in while hot to clean it. I have never had any kind of issue with it.

            Now that being said I have switched to Faulk Culinar, because of it's ease of maintenace ( They actually own the patent on the ss bonding that Mauviel useses.