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Any good sushi place around Beverly Center for quick lunch?

It's very hard to find any decent sushi for lunch around Beverly Center. I love Famima on Sunset, but little too far, and their sushi isn't that good. ( I think they get it from Sushi Boy... Sometimes they seem kinda old too...) Any suggestions on sushi for quick grabs around this area?

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  1. Hirozen on Beverly and Orlando is fabulous!

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    1. Sushi Roku is right there, too, on 3rd Street. Not the greatest, but not bad.

      1. i can't vouch for it, but i thought i'd mention it: there's a sushi mac in the shopping center on the southeast corner of la cienega and third. it's kind of fast-food sushi, which is potentially horrific, but i don't really know, as i've never been.

        in the same shopping center is Mishima, which isn't all sushi, but they have some combos of noodles and rolls, etc.

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          actually, Sushi Mac is not too bad, IF you know what you're in for. It is fast food sushi, but not like something you'd get at the local mall food court. You sit at the bar, and everything--yes, every plate--is $2.50. Lots of fake crab and spicy tuna type things, but I've definitely had worse. Drinks are self serve. And it's FAST. Cash only, but there is an ATM in the restaurant. If you have a limited budget, or are in a hurry, or just want to eat copious amounts of sushi without spending over $15, this is an OK alternative.

        2. Also, Kado is now open over in Farmer's Market above the Sur La Table. Haven't been yet, though.

          1. there's a place on the corner of beverly and croft, just a few blocks east of beverly center which is pretty good for average style sushi. their specials are always good and it gets crowded so there is good turnover. I think it is called sushi cafe but I am not sure on that.

            1. Cafe Sushi on Beverly just East of La Cienaga on the north side. They are reasonably priced and they make good specialty rolls.

              Oh, and they also have oysters.

              It's across from Taco Belch.

              1. If you want quick and decent, California Teriyaki and Sushi (I'm pretty sure that's the name) in the mini-mall on Wilshire at Crescent Heights is a good choice. Lots of specialty rolls to choose from (along with regular sushi), and I just love their Avocado Salad. I swear I crave that thing weekly!

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                  I love the Simpsons reference in your handle.

                  I wonder where the original poster decided to go after discovering that the Beverly Center actually has quite a few options nearby for lunch sushi.

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                    Thanks for getting the reference (I'm guessing not many do)!

                    I just thought of somewhere else, though I'm not positive it's open for lunch and I don't know the name (I know, very helpful). It's a relatively new place on La Cienega, south of the Beverly Center, where San Vicente makes it difficult to move around, on the east side of the street (sorry this is so vague!).

                    I think it starts with an O...and there's a patio outside. Anyway, we've had some fantastic sashimi there, along with great service. Next time I go, I'll note the name!

                2. Hirozen is my favorite, but I'd also recommend Boss Sushi on La Cienega (just south of Wilshire). Great for lunch, not crazy expensive, and easy parking.

                  1. Went to Hirozen last night. Had a wonderful omakase, and even extended it beyond because I wanted to see how the uni tasted. Everything was great all around. Pics below are the
                    1) uni and salmon roe
                    2) freshwater and sea eel
                    3) kinme snapper and sayori
                    4) abalone and shrimp

                    Full blog post: