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Jan 13, 2007 04:10 PM

Proper method to "next" pasta noodles for drying

I am not understanding something on how to dry homemade pasta noodles, e.g. fettucini.

Several web postings say to curl them into a next to dry but if I do they turn to a sodden mush. If I try to dry them enough ahead of time (over the back rung of a chair), they are not flexible enough to next and they break.

It does not seem to matter how much I flour them.

I'm baffled.

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  1. "next"? try "nest", like a little bird's nest
    I'm not sure why you're having the problem you're having, but fettucini can be dried flat just fine. We put a clean sheet over the bed, and use that large surface to dry fresh pasta.

    1. Obviously I meant "nest."

      Anyway, the question is how do I let the nodles dry in a "nest" as is often suggested without them sticking together.

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        hi. i used to grapple with the same problem until a pal came over and set me straight. first, make sure your pasta is the right consistency going into the machine. i usually roll itthrough the machine a few times, let it sit a bit to dry and then put it through the fettucine setting on my ancient machine. don't let them overdry before nesting them. it takes a few times to get the hang of it but once you get it right, you'll be knocking yourself on the head! it's hard to put into words but i sort of grab it very loosely and wrap it around my hand. don't overthink it and be as natural as possible.

        i throw some flour or semolina on them and give them sort of a little shake and to be sure they are separated.

        buona fortuna! let us know how you do!

        p.s. last time i made them i left them on my table to dry and my chesapeake bay retriever ate them all.