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Jan 13, 2007 04:08 PM

Best Electric Range?

We are planning our remodel on our kitchen and it isn't feasible to install a gas range. Any advice on the best electric ranges? for example, is the smooth cooktop better than those heating coils? also any brand suggestions would be great.


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  1. Have you considered induction?

    1. I just googled induction ranges. That looks so cool. Great advice, thank you.

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        Check out for tons of information on it. You do need to restrict yourself to certain types of cookware, but the response time and energy efficiency of induction are fantastic.

        1. If cost were no object, I'd get an induction, too. But, it's only cooktop right now so if you need an oven cooktop, it wouldn't work for you. We have a smooth top. I thought it would be great for cleaning. But, if you boil over, it's hard to clean. I'm worried about moving heavy pots on it and scraping. If you ever flip food in the pan, you have to be really careful not to scrape. When we do roasts, I used to lay the roasting pan across two burners and make the gravy that way. I'm worrid about laying it across two burners with the heat in the center, though some now make two burners connected so you can. You'd have the same problem w/ using a long griddle. I also worry about using cast iron on it. We have the GE profile stand alone which I wouldn't recommend. The back two burners are under the back lip where the controls are. Unless you have a flat or a very small pan, the pan won't fit on the burner. You wouldn't have the same problem with the one w/ the controls on front. It does get hot pretty quickly. I don't know if the new coil ones do.

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            Echo your sentiments on the GE Profile. VERY hard to judge/control heat, hard and worrisome to keep clean, which you MUST do if you don't want to vulcanize spills into the glass.

            We've rassled with it for three years now, and still don't feel at all proficient in putting the kind of heat - either up or down - that we want under our pots. Took the trouble to buy an infra-red thermometer to try to figure out where were are, but that doesn't seem to be much help. We are not novice cooks.

            We can't have gas, either, due to condo rules.

            After spendiing a grand on the thing, we are not happy camp... err... cooks. Our only consolation is that it looks REALLY cool set into our black granite countertop.

            Unfortunately, I didn't research the induction or infra-red units when we were doing the rebuild.