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Jan 13, 2007 04:00 PM


Anyone know what time they open on Sat. night? Does it usually fill up quickly? I've got a party of 8.

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  1. Pretty sure they open at 6pm, maybe someone else can confirm. Definitely get there early with a party that size, it'll be packed for sure.

    1. FYI in general: I walked by the other day and they have a sign in the door saying they are closed Tuesdays. All other nights they open at 6 and close "when they run out of ingredients and staff."

      1. The do open at 6 - and bringing 8 people to this place on a saturday night you are asking not to eat - thier biggest table acommodates at most 6 - its not a big place they would have to take another table to build on - its sometimes a long wait for 2 people on a satuday night - you should get there at 6 which would be your best bet.