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Jan 13, 2007 03:55 PM

Burger House

Anyone been to the Burger House that just opened up on Spicewood? It's where the old Lucky Dog was. Used to eat at the original in Dallas on Hillcrest all the time in the 80s. Good burgers, but absolutely killer seasoned fries.

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  1. NICE! I live right down the road from there and had no idea they'd opened up a new place in that location. I'll check it out this weekend.

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      I've been to the Burger House twice, now. The first time I had a burger, fries and a shake. The burger was just good, the fires do have a tasty seasoned salt on them but they do come from frozen. The shake was out of this world. A real ice cream shake and just delicious. The second trip, I had a chili dog and a shake. The chili dog is hands down one of the best I've ever had. The chili dog gets a dash of that seasoned salt and it really tasted terrific. I think I'm in trouble with that chili dog so close to my house.

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        I went yesterday. I got the double-cheeseburger, seasoned fries, and a vanilla malt. Like Greg Spence said, the burger was just good. It was about like the one you can get at Culver's. The seasoning on the fries was very good (I want to say I tasted celery salt and maybe cumin?), but they were of the frozen variety. The malt was just downright terrible. The menu says "made with real ice cream", but it had the consistency of whole milk, with no real noticable vanilla or malt flavor.

      2. Went there today for a late lunch with my wife, kids and s-i-l. Maybe I'm too nostalgic and it's clouding my judgment, but I thought the burger was very good. Old fashioned style with a thin griddle cooked patty on a nice soft bun with fresh lettuce, tomato, onion and mustard. Tasted exactly like I remember the ones at Burger House on Hillcrest tasting years ago. Wife and her sister who grew up in Dallas and ate there in the early 70s through the 80s agreed that the burgers were top notch. And the fries. Man, the fries were just as good as ever what with their seasoning and all. They have a big dispenser of season salt chained to the counter so you can put a little extra if you want (and we all did). My only complaint is the size of the shop, being that it was freezing (for Austin) cold outside. It got pretty crowded, even at 1:30 in the afternoon, and while there were enough tables it was hard to walk in and out and to get a re-fill from the coke machine. I'll definetely go back to try the chili dog on the recommendation above, but may have to get double fries.

        1. How does their burger to other Austin joints like Casino El Camino and Huts?

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            Thanks to all of you who saw this new restaurant, tried it out, and posted about it here. That's the chowhound spirit! Why wait to be told if a place is good or only choose things from “top ten” lists? By the time something gets ranked as "the best in town," it's usually on its way downhill anyway.

            I agree with tom in austin about the poor quality of burgers at Hut's:


            Hut's was one of various bad chow destinations that I was tricked into trying on visits to friends or family in Austin (before I moved here myself). This list also includes Katz's, Threadgill's, Kerbey Lane, and similarly mediocre options beloved of many UT students. A persistent, perhaps uncritical, love for places frequented as an undergraduate may be one of the chief causes of what you call "historical inertia," wouldn't you say, tom in austin?

            Here's another recent thread where burgers were compared:



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