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Jan 13, 2007 03:26 PM

Sarasota - After a Movie?

We're heading over to Sarasota tonight to see a movie I've been DYING to see since it's been released but it just refuses to come to Tampa! Any ideas where to eat? We'll be in jeans.

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  1. I'm assuming that this is at one of the theaters downtown (Burns Court cinema maybe?). If that's the case, I'd say Pho Cali on Main for good Vietnamese. They might close at 10 though. Uva Rara, right across from Burns Court isn't bad. Cafe Leysin (sp?) in the Towles Court area just a few blocks away isn't bad either, although I thought the atmosphere sort of trumped the food. I'm not sure if C'est La Vie on Main is doing dinners now (I know they did at some point), but that would be a good bet as well. Epicure at Main and Palm is also a good bet for casual yet stylish Italian food. Jolly, the gelato place next door is also very good. I hope this helps. Which movie is it?

    1. OT but what are you going to see?

      1. We're going to see Little Children with Kate Winslett. Thanks for the suggestions...I'll let you know where we end up!

        1. We ended up eating at Cafe Epicure. I had Black Linguine with Shrimp Asparagus and a Spicy Red Sauce, and my boyfriend and his friend had a sausage pizza and pasta cabonarra. My food was okay and so was there's nothing spectacular, but it was good. We went next door afterward and had gelato.

          Sadly the movie was sold out, so we'll be heading back down nexr weekend so we'll try out another restaurant, so more suggestions are welcome!

          1. Pho Cali on Main would still be my first choice. Also, if you're looking for coffee/tea/beer/wine afterwards, Metro on Osprey is a nice spot.