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Jan 13, 2007 02:54 PM

Country ham in Greater Boston?

(I'm not trying to make this the all-ham-all-the-time board, just coincidentally posting two ham questions in one day.)

Does anyone know where I can find country ham locally? If you've never had it, it's extraordinary: a long dry cure (as opposed to the wet cure used in most familiar hams), very smoky and salty and concentrated in flavor.

I know plenty of mail-order sources. The Dig's current issue has an article on stuff you can get delivered; one of my contributions was "country ham from Finchville Farms", my favorite. But I'm wondering if anyone local carries it, so I could get some on short notice if needed.

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  1. Oddly enough, I've seen whole country hams at Super 88 (I believe it was the Allston location) -- no idea if it was from one of the better producers, but I'm pretty sure it was a Smithfield ham. I think they're used as substitutes for Yunnan ham (a chinese dry-cured ham), since those aren't available in the states.

    Also, I personally have no problem with all ham all the time. (!)

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      You beat me to it. The Super 88 in Chinatown carries the Smithfield hams too.

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        Thanks, folks! I determined that the South Bay Super 88 does not.

    2. There are 2 versions available at Savenors in Cambridge We had the very large cured ham which required cooking over the Holiday and I thought it was way too salty, smokey and tough ..and expensive. But we really like the smaller fully cooked hickory smoked Edwards ham ..sometimes available at Savenors , sometimes you're not so lucky. It is pricey . If I recall about 40 bucks for about 2.5lb but delish Also it keeps forever in fridge wrapped in saranwrap and kept in its own cloth bag

      1. I was about to ask the same thing, having received the Lee Bros. Southern Cookbook as an xmas present (excellent book by the way!)
        MC, let us know what you find...

        1. Did you see the story on Smithfield Foods in December's Rolling Stone? Go to, the January 5 entry - the link is there.

          1. (Sorry to reply to a slightly old thread, but haven't been keeping up with CH and this thread looked like it wasn't answered.)

            The one place in Boston I know that always has country hams (and all things southern) is Lord Jeff's. I believe it'll be from a larger producer and fully cooked, but they usually have a whole ham in burlap bag and cut to order too. Also a good place for smoked hocks, red hots (and a immense collection of southern size sausages), slab bacon, etc. Its in Newmarket, so not far from the South Bay 88. Lines can get really long on weekends, though.

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              Excellent tip: I've never tried this place, and it sounds like it has a lot of reasons to visit.