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Jan 13, 2007 02:34 PM

Queens Restaurant with PARKING

I want to take my 92 year old aunt out to dinner for her soon to be birthday. It would be be much easier if I could find a decent restaurant with parking. Almost any kind other than fast food would do.


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  1. Plenty of restaurants with parking. How about Sapori D'Ischia? They have Valet. As does Piccola Venezia.

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    1. re: Monkey Man Jake

      That's what I was going to say: Piccola Venezia receives consistently positive reviews for its old-schoold Italian cuisine on this board and elsewhere, and they're known for their valet parking

    2. Not knowing what part of Queens you prefer, here are a few. Although not exaxtly Queens, Peter Luger in Great Neck has valet parking. Conti's is an Italian restaurant opened by an ex m'd at Piccolo Venizia and is on Northern in Little Neck and has a valet. King Umberto in Elmont has a large municipal lot across the street from the restaurant.Jack's steakhouse on Bell blvd has a valet.Ben's Deli is in the Bay Terrace Shopping Center and although it gets crowded there is plenty of free parking.

      1. London Lennie's (good seafood) on

        1. London Lennie's (seafood) on Woodhaven has valet parking and no steps.

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            London Lennie's used to be a favorite of an elderly aunt of mine, when she lived in Woodhaven. I wasn't that impressed - it was ok, a bit expensive - but those meals weren't about my preferences. She was comfortable and liked the food there. She also enjoyed going to an Italian place on Metropolitan - is it Alberto's? I never took her there, but I assume it's an old-school place.

            Do you have any preferences at all in terms of neighborhood, cuisine, price range? Queens is a big place.

          2. Park Side in Corona