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Jan 13, 2007 01:53 PM

Puerto Rico - Food

My husband & I are interested in finding some great resturants in the San Juan area of PR.
Any suggestions?

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  1. Go to Tangerine in the Waterclub. UNREAL setting, oceanfront, really hip and a great menu.

      1. The Parrot Club and Aguaviva, owned by the same folks that operate Dragonfly...

        We also like El Patio de Sam, have only had beer there, but I understand that they have really good burgers.

        1. Ajili Mojili. Upscale puerto rican fare. Yuuuuuummmmy!

          1. You must absolutely go to La Casita Blanca. I can't remember the name of the area where it is, but it is a working class barrio, far from the tourist traps. It's a big, airy colonial house, run by a charming man (fluent english) and they have the daily specials (no regular menu) on a board. Traditional Puerto Rican food, but made by real experts. Everything was delicious, though fried (It is PR, after all). And the experience can't be more authentic, even though there are plenty of gringos there. No view, no fancy drinks with umbrellas, just real, delicious PR food.