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Jan 13, 2007 01:29 PM

help me find the name of South Indian rest. on 2nd Avenue around 8th-10th

A vegetarian friend of ours is visiting and wants us to take her back to a South Indian place we went to 2 years ago. All I remember is it's on 2nd and I think it was somewhere around 10th. It was on the west side of the street. I remember it being a long place from front to back with, perhaps, one of those glass alcove type doors to enter. It was primarily vegetarian with some fish, I seem to remember. It had gotten mixed reviews but our friend liked it and lives in an area with little Indian.

Any leads?

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  1. If you go to mapquest (or google maps, or yahoo maps), you can type in that intersection & do a search for nearby restaurants. Maybe one of the names will look familiar.

    1. I recommend Chenai Garden on 27th b/w park and lex. Best vegetarian Indian.

      1. Hmmm...I live in the neighborhood, and there's not much in terms of Indian on 10th and 2nd ave. Unless I'm missing something.

        My thought is you guys went to the Madras Cafe, which is vegetarian (and kosher) on 2nd Avenue and down on 5th.

        1. I think you're probably thinking of Madras Cafe, like Kathryn said.

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            It does indeed look like it was Madras although that name doesn't seem familiar. But everything else about it seems to check out.

          2. Further down Second Avenue--around Sixth Street--is Haveli, which is quite a delicious Indian restaurant.

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            1. re: Tom Steele

              I like Madras Cafe better. Anyway, though, Haveli is North Indian.