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Jan 13, 2007 12:54 PM

Philly chowhound heading to Big Easy

I'll be in NO after Mardi Gras and look forward to all the great eats! Any suggestions for great breakfasts and brunches, lunches under $20 and dinners under $40---not looking to break the bank. Where's the good spicy creole food? Will mostly be in the touristy areas but will travel for not-to-miss food. Yo! Thanks :)

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  1. NO is not much of a breakfast town, the only place I can think of worth going to is Elizabeth's. There are lots of good Jazz Brunches on the weekends, but will usually run over $30 per person.
    For a budget lunch and dinner: Acme Oyster House, Coop's, Mother's, Mulate's, Gumbo Shop, Praline Connection.
    For a little more (~$40) try one of the Brennan's restaraunts: Palace Cafe, Bourbon House, Redfish Grill, or the non-Brennan Court of Two Sisters and K-Pauls.

    1. Mother's serves breakfast. Café du Monde for café au lait, juice and beignets for the classic continental breakfast. Café Beignet next to the Vieux Carré Commission Headquarters in the 300 block of Royal serves a good breakfast and excellent coffee that you can enjoy in the Commission patio in good weather.
      I always send friends out of the downtown area via the Magazine bus, which you can catch at Canal Street, to see one of New Orleans most interesting streets. Using that bus you can get some of the best local favorite food in town. We don't spend $20 for lunch.
      Po'boys at Parasols at Third and Constance, one block off the bus line.
      Oysters, raw and in the famous Oyster Loaf, at Casamentos at Magazine and Napoleon.
      There are enough easily reached wonderful restaurants on that one bus line that you can eat for weeks without repeating.
      Try for addresses, hours and days of operation of the places where the locals eat.
      Bon Ton Café has terrific crawfish dishes and bread pudding. The real thing. Open only weekdays.