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Jan 13, 2007 11:29 AM

Sticky Buns (from Mr. Otto, Williamsport PA)

Stumbled on this site this a.m. and read some postings from folks from the Williamsport area. Fondly remember the Village Tea Room and MR. Otto and of course Tags! Does anyone have a recipe for those marvelous little stickies of Mr. Otto???? Will be glad to trade first born on some other boon for the recipe.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Oh, yeah--Mr. Otto's sticky buns were the best ever. Alas, I don't have the recipe. I remember that Morty Rauff, the Lycoming College swimming coach, used to take all the visiting swim teams to the Village Tea Room, and they'd gobble up every sticky bun in the place!

      1. I worked for the owner Mr Gordon Adi a long time ago ( apprx oct/nov 1970 ). The Chef at that time was Barry Edmunds. I don't have the recipe but i do know the secret! I have no use for your first born but I can be bought----------for the right price hahahahah!
        p.s. where did the name mr. Otto come from?
        another bit of trivia---------David Caudel worked there for a long time doing ODD things. Is David still around with his 3 wheeler construction vehicle?

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          Wasn't/Isn't Mr Otto's the bookstore on 4th st? Also, I fondly remember Cillo's Sub Shop on the WACC campus (now Penn College) as the best mom & pop sub shop around.

        2. Oh my I haven't thought about those Sticky buns for years. I was brought up in Lock Haven and I remember as a young child going to Williamsport for special family dinners out. thank you for bringing back a tasty memory. I also remember shopping at the Sterns there where coffee was only 5 cents a cup.

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          1. re: Benaw

            Since you are from lock Haven do you remember "Browns Barbque in Avis?
            I could eat a pork barbque sandwich like that right now -the most unusual on the planet!

            1. re: russnina

              Russ, Browns Barbque doesn't ring a bell. How about Bill and Eddies? I am going back to the 60's. Do u still live up there?

              1. re: Benaw

                Benaw, Browns bbq was located almost directly behind the Dairy Queen on the Woolrich side of town. No I don't remember Bill and Eddies,where were they located. My memory of Browns was from the early 70's.
                I live in sunny south Florida now but I plan a visit to pa. in late May.

                1. re: russnina

                  Diary Queen I remember I just remember the name Bill and Eddies I don't remember anything else. I live now in New Jersey. I still have a little family left in Lock Haven and my daughter is at Penn State so we get up there a few times a year. How about Henry's in Lock Haven they had the best Cherry Pie

                  1. re: Benaw

                    Browns BarBQ was located directly behind the Dairy Queen. The was a Bill and
                    Evie's Take a peek in restaurant as you entered Avis on the left.

          2. The Village Tea Room was owned by my Second Cousin Mr. R. Gordon Ade (last name pronounced like the car AUDI). He passed away November 27th 1973. We would visit the restaurant about once a year or so, Since we lived in Harrisburg and it was quite a trip in the 60's before the interstates. The only secret which I remeber is that the stickies were kept warm so that they always appeared to be fresh, and that if you worked there you were instructed never to let the bread plate, which started with two stickies, never to get empty. Since we were related to the owner we were doted on and the plate never even got close to empty, because sooner or later Gordon would show up and sit with us, Imagine, what that would be like for an 8 year old boy, arriving just after a 2-1/2 hour car trip. I believe I ate about 2 dozen before my mother caught on what was happening, and stop the flow of stickies.
            P.S. It would be very easy to mistake Gordon's last name for OTTO since ADE is a rather unusual name.
            --Randy Miller