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Sticky Buns (from Mr. Otto, Williamsport PA)

Stumbled on this site this a.m. and read some postings from folks from the Williamsport area. Fondly remember the Village Tea Room and MR. Otto and of course Tags! Does anyone have a recipe for those marvelous little stickies of Mr. Otto???? Will be glad to trade first born on some other boon for the recipe.

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  1. Oh, yeah--Mr. Otto's sticky buns were the best ever. Alas, I don't have the recipe. I remember that Morty Rauff, the Lycoming College swimming coach, used to take all the visiting swim teams to the Village Tea Room, and they'd gobble up every sticky bun in the place!

    1. I worked for the owner Mr Gordon Adi a long time ago ( apprx oct/nov 1970 ). The Chef at that time was Barry Edmunds. I don't have the recipe but i do know the secret! I have no use for your first born but I can be bought----------for the right price hahahahah!
      p.s. where did the name mr. Otto come from?
      another bit of trivia---------David Caudel worked there for a long time doing ODD things. Is David still around with his 3 wheeler construction vehicle?

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        Wasn't/Isn't Mr Otto's the bookstore on 4th st? Also, I fondly remember Cillo's Sub Shop on the WACC campus (now Penn College) as the best mom & pop sub shop around.

      2. Oh my I haven't thought about those Sticky buns for years. I was brought up in Lock Haven and I remember as a young child going to Williamsport for special family dinners out. thank you for bringing back a tasty memory. I also remember shopping at the Sterns there where coffee was only 5 cents a cup.

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          Since you are from lock Haven do you remember "Browns Barbque in Avis?
          I could eat a pork barbque sandwich like that right now -the most unusual on the planet!

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            Russ, Browns Barbque doesn't ring a bell. How about Bill and Eddies? I am going back to the 60's. Do u still live up there?

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              Benaw, Browns bbq was located almost directly behind the Dairy Queen on the Woolrich side of town. No I don't remember Bill and Eddies,where were they located. My memory of Browns was from the early 70's.
              I live in sunny south Florida now but I plan a visit to pa. in late May.

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                Diary Queen I remember I just remember the name Bill and Eddies I don't remember anything else. I live now in New Jersey. I still have a little family left in Lock Haven and my daughter is at Penn State so we get up there a few times a year. How about Henry's in Lock Haven they had the best Cherry Pie

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                  Browns BarBQ was located directly behind the Dairy Queen. The was a Bill and
                  Evie's Take a peek in restaurant as you entered Avis on the left.

        2. The Village Tea Room was owned by my Second Cousin Mr. R. Gordon Ade (last name pronounced like the car AUDI). He passed away November 27th 1973. We would visit the restaurant about once a year or so, Since we lived in Harrisburg and it was quite a trip in the 60's before the interstates. The only secret which I remeber is that the stickies were kept warm so that they always appeared to be fresh, and that if you worked there you were instructed never to let the bread plate, which started with two stickies, never to get empty. Since we were related to the owner we were doted on and the plate never even got close to empty, because sooner or later Gordon would show up and sit with us, Imagine, what that would be like for an 8 year old boy, arriving just after a 2-1/2 hour car trip. I believe I ate about 2 dozen before my mother caught on what was happening, and stop the flow of stickies.
          P.S. It would be very easy to mistake Gordon's last name for OTTO since ADE is a rather unusual name.
          --Randy Miller

          1. My grandfather is Chef Barrie Edmonds, it was his recipe that Gordon Adie used in the Village Tea Room I do have the recipe but as you'll all understand it yields 72 dozen, let me make my grandfather aware of all of your desires for his recipe so we can calculate it to a more home friendly recipe instead of an restaurant yields. If I remember correctly when my grandfather won Chef of the Year by CIA the local paper the Sun-Gazette printed his recipe in the article which talked about Barrie, my mother his Sous Chef and myself an Executive Chef that article was published around 1998-1999. Gordon Adie passed around 1984 and gave the restaurant to my grandfather which at the time stood across from the Old Capital Theater he moved it down one block and renamed the restaurant the Village Hearth. For the gentleman named Russ who worked with my grandfather and mother., do you remember the little girl who served sherbet at the end of everyone’s meals?... That was me, My grandfathers restaurant was the best place to work he paid with Elephant Ears (the end part of the dough that doesn't rise) and all the sherbet you can eat. Do you all remember the Hot Bacon Dressing? I have that receipe if anyone is interested...

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              Yes, yes, yes, please! I'd be happy with the restaurant yield recipe if you don't have time or desire to redact it! The Village Tea Room was where I went for a treat when I was a poor college student attending WACC.

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                I agree with morwen--I'd love to have that recipe, redacted or not! Thanks, Heather, and thank your grandfather for me! Those were THE best sticky buns ever!

                As for "Otto"--when I was a kid, I did indeed mis-hear Mr. Ade's name as "Otto" and I always wondered if he owned the bookstore, too (since by that time there was no one named "Otto" at the bookstore).

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                  I see that this post was in August but I just now found it. My parents used to take us to the Village Tea Room when I was a little girl every Sunday after church. Even though my sisters and I only ever got a hamburger Mr. Otto always gave us sticky buns. Every so often I go online looking for the recipe and I just today stumbled on here today. We moved away from Montoursville 40 years ago but I remember the place with the doors painted on the walls and as a child I used to imagine opening those doors and stepping into a different land. But the sticky buns........ THEY WERE HEAVEN!!!!! If I could get the recipe from you I would be so grateful. I would love to make them for my mom (she is 75 now) and bring back the memories of her favorite times. I would also settle for the restaurant yield (I am good at math and could do the calculations myself) so that you would not have to go to the trouble yourself.

                  Thank you so very much.

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                    Hi Heather! Were you able to get hold of the recipe for the stickies? I'm still looking forward to being able to reproduce it and turning my husband on to one of the fond memories from my past!

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                      Hello ya'll, from Texas here transplanted to this pretty part of the country. We don't have such good things as Sticky buns down home. Sure we do, but nothing "old school". Please share with me a recipe from Mr. Gordon Adie/or Chef Barrie Edmonds for sticky buns. I would be so ever grateful.

                    2. Spoke with Barrie it is Adi, and he did pass in 1973, my grandmother took care of him until he died. We still live in the house that was his on Market Street. Randy Miller do you remember the Edmonds Family?

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                        Oh, please Heatherangel share your sticky bun recipe. I can hardly wait the try them.

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                          I lived in Williamsport in the early 60s, and Dave & Jimmy Edmonds were my best friends (straight down the alley). So occasionally their dad, Barrie, would give us a box of sticky buns. Sometimes when Dave & Jimmy & I would walk to the YMCA, we'd stop at the Village Tea Room and get a sticky bun (or two!). Then we moved to Arizona (around '65) and our family has missed those sticky buns ever since. We tried recipe after recipe, modifying them every way we could. So YES, if you could provide a recipe, for 72 doz or for 1 doz, I'd appreciate it! Please share it if you can. And thank you for the memories.

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                            Sadly I do not remember the Edmonds, although the name seems familiar. My father, who passed away in 2001 I am sure would remember you. My Aunt Helen Rockwell (Halll) who passed away in 1999 I am sure would have remembered you also. I will bring these stories up to my cousins at our next family reunion. I have been up to the cemetery and the who family Cecil, Gordon, and Lester are all buried up there. None of them had any children, so the Ade line has stopped.

                          2. Sorry it has taken me so long to get back on this board, for one daily life is hectic, second I forgot my password. But here is what everyone has requested, this is in true restaurant equation, so if there are any math people out there that would like to break it down into smaller yeilds go for it. To jstuart your talking about my Uncle Dave & Jim. I will see David this weekend for a family gathering and was wondering what your full name was to see if he remembers you. My Uncle Jim is actually a chef now, he is the Head Master Chef for the Hilton he has moved around alot but would also get a kick out of the fact that some guy from the block remembers grabbing pap's sticky buns.

                            To everyone else, I am so proud to be a link to all of your wonderful memories of the Tea Room or the Village Hearth which ever restaurant you remember most. My grandfather is still a legend in this small town of Williamsport, and Gordons legacy will never be forgotten. Have fun, eat them as soon as they get out of the oven if you can, and don't forget to bake the ends that are left over (elephant ears) because they are just as delicious.

                            Cinnamon Buns
                            Yeild= approx 24 1/2 lbs., 100 portions 2 buns

                            Biscuit dough 14 lbs
                            sugar 1 lb 8 oz
                            salt 1/2 oz
                            cinnamon 1/2 oz
                            oleo 1 lb 12 oz
                            brown sugar 3 lbs
                            water 1 lb 8 oz
                            melted oleo 10 oz

                            Roll biscuit dough into rectangular pieces about 12" wide and 1/4" thick. Brush with melted shortning, sprinkle with cinnamon,sugar, and salt which has been mixed together. You may sprinkle with raisins or nuts if desired. Roll dough in a jelly roll syle and cut into 1" slices.

                            Combine oleo, brown sugar and water together and spread on botom of pans. Place rolls cut side down on smear and bake 20 to30 min at 375F. Remove from pans to greased sheets at once.

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                              a little secert that I just remembered, he would scoop out the smear and put it into muffin tins, then place the dough on top of the smear. That's why they were the perfect size everytime.

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                                I spoke with my grandfather and found out the recipe above is the navy recipe. He said to use sweet dough instead of biscuits. He also said to save time walmart has a product in the freezer section from Rich's it's dough already rolled, cut with the cinnamon in the center. Use the smear from above drop into muffin pans the put the frozen buns in the pans proof the dough and then bake.

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                                  Oh my gosh this is so GREAT!!! I just tonight decided to go on and look to see if you had a chance to get the recipe for the sticky buns yet and here you just posted it last week. Can't wait to sit down and downsize the recipe so that I can make them for my family and most especially my Mom.

                                  Thanks so much Heather and thank your grandfather!!!

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                                Don't know if you're still on here. I looked a couple years ago -- I wonder if my cache showed me the version before you answered.
                                Thanks for the recipe. I'll have to work it out. And of course, use a sweet roll dough, not biscuit dough. We asked him many a time but he said he couldn't tell what the secret ingredient in the sugar/butter topping was because it was proprietary because of Mr Ade. So I've tried things like the recipes that add corn syrup (close), or whipping cream. They might be good, but nothing beat Mr Edmond's real sticky buns. When we moved to Arizona he brought a box over the night before. Then after college (mid 70s) I dropped by and visited (by then they'd moved to Market St) and he gave me some! Those are the last two times I've had them, but they are still as fresh as ever in my memories. Yes, I see Jim, and his folks on FB, but not David. You called them uncles, so are you Diann, Marc, Holly, or Laurel's child? I remember Diann (my sister's friend) and Marc. I don't remember if Holly was born before or after we moved, but Laurel definitely was later.
                                Thanks for the memories.

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                                  Thanks for the recipe, I am going to share it at our next family reunion. I am sure everyone will get a real kick out of seeing these posts. Thanks everyone for sharing.