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Jan 13, 2007 08:39 AM

Need a fun, good food place for new LA young cousin

I'm taking my 25 year old cousin who just moved to LA (from NY then Chicago)to dinner next weekend. I've only met her once and I'm much older but young looking and young at heart!!

Also, I live 2 hours away so I am not up on all the places but I am FROM LA and know the areas well...I get down there about every 6 weeks....

I am thinking of central LA, West Hollywood, Hollywood, Silver Lake, downtown, or Korea Town (if she likes Korean).

As far as food I'm thinking of almost anything but Italian as she works at an Italian Rest. Not over the top expensive either....

Also, I will have been competing in an Agility Trial with my Sheltie Dog on Sat. and Sun. so I won't be in the mood for the little black, something casual please.

I have heard of these places and I am interested but don't know if they fit the bill and/or are appropriate.....

Luna Park
Cobras and Matadors

Any other ideas to welcome a somewhat newcomer to LA who is young and ready to spread her wings? (yes, another "industry hopeful")....
what can I say?

Thanks a lot,

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  1. A.O.C. will be expensive if you let yourself enjoy the place. I'd steer away if you're looking to not spend too much.

    BLD seems like the perfect spot for you. Great food... sometimes phenomenal food... priced low, and served in a very hip atmosphere.

    I couldn't recommend anywhere else based on your criteria.

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      BLD is perfect, but don't expect perfection. Asked for salmon rare, got medium-well, fries with the [awesome] short-rib sandwich were cold. But then vibe was great, the service, friendly and crisp, the bar accessible and the charcutierie magnetic and perfectly served, the decor was chic but casual, and the crowd ranged from jewish grandpa to hot, hot, ho. defintely aware of its west hollywood roots without any of the b.s. I'd take almost anyone there.

      1. Take her to anywhere on Melrose between LaBrea and I'd say'll give a 25 y/o a glimpse of the "HIP" part of town...go early in the daylight to do window or REAL shopping.......Bon Appettit

        1. BLD and Cobras and Matadors are nice hipster scenes, with Cobras and Matador being a bit more crowded and cramped, giving it kind of a clubby vibe.

          I would suggest Cobras first, then walk to BLD for dessert and some possible celeb sightings.

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          1. re: SauceSupreme

            I am sure I should know this but what is BLD??
            Thanks for the rec's.....

            1. re: Shadow

              BLD is the sister restaurant to Grace, offering a more casual setting (and likewise, a matching menu).

              Because of its laidback atmosphere but very good food (courtesy of Chef Neal Fraser and his team), it's a popular stop among the cities Gen X/Yers.

              7450 Beverly
              Los Angeles, CA 90036

          2. Love BLD!! Menu offers something for everyone.