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Jan 13, 2007 07:29 AM

good PHO between manhattan beach and torrance? or other warm foods?

gonna be in that area on monday and was wondering if there are any really good, authentic vietnamese restaurants, with good pho? i am pretty spoiled with pho in the san gabriel area..esp golden deli!
i've been to a pretty bad one that used to be on western and redondo beach? i'm afraid to try pho since i had a bad experience. so, if anyone can suggest a great pho place or even a place to warm up since it's soooo cold these days.. btw, i eat soon tofu all the time so kinda wanna try something else! thanks!

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  1. Hong Vi at 15170-80 S. Prairie, Lawndale is pretty good for all around Vietnamese. I really like the pho at the place in the little strip mall (do not know name) on Crenshaw Blvd. just north of Manhattan Beach Blvd. before the IHOP. I agree the stuff at Western and Redondo was just kinda strange tasting.

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      Pho Hong Long is the pho place by the IHOP. Phois relly great there!

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        I agree on Pho Hong Long, I tried it yesterday. The broth was rich and flavorful, the veggies that they give are really fresh. Would definitely go back for the pho, the x-large is only 7.25 and it's huge. Also ordered the grilled pork over rice with 2 fried egg rolls which wasn't really too good at all. The jackfruit smoothie had more pineapple flavor than jackfruit flavor, so I think stick to the pho it's what they do best!