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Jan 13, 2007 05:39 AM

ISO Culver City weekend brunch

Looking for recommendations. Thanks!


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  1. there is surfas, s&w country cafe, bluebird?

    1. Maybe drive 10 minutes over to Monterey Park for dim sum? That's my plan next Sunday :)

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        10 minutes? Hm... for those without a helicopter, if southern Indian sounds good, Annapurna on Venice has a lunch buffet, plus a limited menu of dosas and uttapams. Since it is a buffet, the contents shift from week to week. I am not much of a buffet guy (too many gloppy korma-filled buffet lunches during my 20s), but this is one of the few I will have once in a while. Last time I was there (two weeks ago), they even brought out a free plain dosa since we couldn't decide if we wanted the buffet or a dosa.

      2. Where in CC? On the eastern edge, La Dijonaise is a good bet. Surfas doesn't really have a "brunch" atmosphere, you order at a counter and the only seats are basically in the parking lot. Bluebird is good, but I don't know if they're open on Sunday. Pann's is not in Culver City, but is awfully close at La Tijera/LaCienega, and is good diner food. S&W is also good diner food in downtown. And Grand Casino on Main St. has great Argentinian pastries, they also serve eggs and other breakfast foods but I've never had them. If you do a search on the board, it seems like someone asks this question every weekend, you might get some more ideas.

        I live on the eastern edge of CC and drive really fast, and I've never made it to Monterey Park in under 25 minutes. It takes five minutes just to get to the 10 freeway!

          1. I've only had dinner there, but Bistro de l'Hermitage advertises a weekend brunch menu. They are a small, cozy bistro right across from Culver City City Hall, and adjacent to a mediocre Japanese restaurant. Their dinners are quite good and it has a nice French feel to it. Can't speak to what they serve for brunch however.

            They have outdoor seating also, with heat lamps.