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Jan 13, 2007 02:46 AM

Bacon . . . mmm . . . good

A Church group got together at our house tonight. Mainly foodies. We decided to eat all things pork. I made charcroutte (with bacon, sausage, and spareribs), there was a salad with pork rinds in place of croutons, applesauce (the cook promised he waved two pork chops over the sauce as it cooked), and believe it or not, bacon baklava and bacon ice cream for dessert. I am very satisfied. This was iron chefs without the competition. Though I must say the dessert items blew me away.

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  1. Have you seen the new cook book Seduced by Bacon. I am reading through it trying to decide what to make first.

    1. Bacon-as-dessert sounds odd; but I'm intrigued by the new cookbook. Please let us know what's there, and how it turned out for you!

      1. I have a cookbook called Everything Tastes Better with Bacon (which I have to agree with). It has recipes for a spicy peanut brittle with bacon and a peanut butter cookie with bacon. Both sound odd but are awfully tasty!

        Bacon is probably the only reason I could never become a vegetarian...

        1. For you bacon lovers out there, there is a marvelous recipe in the Zuni Cafe Cookbook for pasta with braised bacon....braise the bacon for about 2.5 hours, and I guarantee you that every living thing within sniffing range of your kitchen will be hungry!

          1. Apparantly bacon-as-dessert is all the rage. If you missed this thread, there was a LONG discussion on the merits and deliciousness of "bacon brittle" just last month:


            I haven't tried the bacon brittle, but I'm with all the other bacon-lovers on this thread. Can't get enough of the stuff. My favorite ways to eat it are simple: either several slices of CRISP bacon on buttered wheat toast, or a BLT with avocado, on toasted wheat with mayo. I know what I'm having for breakfast today!

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              The bacon brittle seems to have spoiled my family for other nut brittles. We sampled to "homemade gourmet" peanut brittle today. The little one actually threw it away. The Spouse made a face and shook his head. Nope, none of us thought it was anywhere near as good as that bacon brittle.