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Jan 13, 2007 01:38 AM

How to jazz up cottage cheese?

I'm getting ready for a cruise in 3 weeks and want to drop a bit of weight. Any ideas on low fat ways to liven up a bowl of cottage cheese?


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    1. Never was big on cottage cheese however, when I do partake, I eat savory - with green onions, or chooped green olives or even capers which I love. Might want to give that a try. KQ

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        1. add a spoon of horseradish

          1. What the???

            Horseradish? No breakfast? No breakfast is a sure-fire way to over consume later in the day.

            Try some exercise and a low fat, CALORIE restricted diet.

            Wine is calories dense and does not offer a whole lot of nutritional value which is important if you are consumming a lower caloric diet.

            As for the cottage cheese...I like to top mine with cucumber and a little salt (though salt = water retention so go easy), olives, or some nice fresh, canned (in juice of course) fruit, nuts, or just a sprinkle of cinnamon.


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              Jenna,what you've written makes good sense. Breakfast (not bacon and eggs) is extremely important. Cottage cheese lends itself well to many flavors, being itself slightly nuetral. . . However, whether trying to lose or gain weight, there must always be room for wine. Always.

              1. re: cafesimile

                Totally agreed about the wine! I love a nice glass of red most definately!