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Help me find cheese bread

I recently had an artisanal loaf of white bread with smoked provolone baked right in. when toasted, the crusty, chewiness combined with the smoky aroma of the provolone is truly something to behold. Unfortunately, my friend bought the loaf in Greenwich. Any chance i can find something like this in manhattan? Locations accessible to UWS would be optimal. Thanks!

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  1. Citarella! I've never tried the loaf, but they have a provolone. They also sell parmesan cheese twists (not cheese sticks; soft bread baked by Amy's) that I love.

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      Sounds great. More suggestions are definitely welcome. But this is a great start. can't wait to try it tomorrow morning!

    2. I was in Madison, WI once for a wedding and went by the farmer's market to discover a wondrous wonder of a loaf--Stella's Cheese Bread. It's a soft almost Challah-like bread with clumps of spicy cheese baked in... Madison is far, but I sometimes dream of moving there just for that damn bread!

      1. I've actually looked all over the city and Citarella's is the only one in manhattan that i've found. however, some friend's of mine who live in riverside, CT, brought us an artisanal loaf with pockets of smoked provolone baked in. absolutely divine. after slicing and toasting, the "stinkiness" of the provolone permeates the house and i love it. Unfortunately, the citarella version pales in comparison. lacks aroma and rather stingy on the cheese. for now, i must make do with occasional shipments from my friend.

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          if it was bought in greenwich/riverside, then it was probably at Balducci's (formerly Hay Day), so I'd look for it there in the city

        2. The Pecorino foccacia at Sullivan Street bakery...for a single serving.

          1. No info on provolone bread but can I suggest pao de queijo? Brazilian/Portugese cheese puffs similar to gougeres but made with cassava flour. AMAZING when made fresh and proper. My mother and I had a business concept years ago to open a pao shop but Puff and Pao beat us to it. (They're on Christopher if you ever want to give it a try)

            Back to the topic at hand, my guess is that you can find the bread in question in Little Italy.

            1. Try the Italian graocery on Grand St, around Mott. If they don't have it, at least you can pick up a great Hero

              1. If you ever get up to the Bronx (maybe the Zoo or the Bot. Gardens?), zip over to Madonia Bros. bakery on Arthur Ave and get a loaf of their provolone bread - toast thick slices and spread with a little butter; it's terrific. They also make an excellent lard bread.

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                  A big second recommendation for Madonia on Arthur Avenue in the Bronx. I love their provolone bread and go there on a regular basis specifically for it.

                2. Silver Moon Bakery (Broadway and 105) has a Gruyere cheese bread on Friday and Sunday -- I think. Might call to find out when they make it because it isn't an everyday item 212-866-4717. I've had the Silver Moon bread - it is pricey but worth it. Zabar's also has a cheese bread that I think is from Amy's.

                  1. dean and deluca has one as well, and they carry the sullivan street bakery bread mentioned above (although the breads are marked up 75% from sullivan cost) so i dont buy there simply from principal

                    1. I love the Pao de Queso at Cafe Colonial. Brazilian breakfast...yum.

                      1. Di Palo's on Mott has it.

                        1. and a third recco for Madonia. I was going to suggest it but was beaten to the punch. Sooo good! How does Di Palo's compare?

                          1. I had an amazing cheese bread but it was not like the one you mentioned. It's a great little place on 23rd with queso blanco(?) inside and it was heaven on earth. I had to get a little nibble on the subway ride home and ended up eating half the loaf!
                            Big Booty Bread Co
                            261 W 23rd St (Cross Street: 8th Avenue)

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                              Brings back memories. I lived at 300 West 23rd St. and worked at Schraffts at 50 West 23rd St. They had the best cheese bread ever made with cheddar cheese. I've been searching unsuccessfully for this bread for years.

                            2. Sullivan Street Bakery makes "cheese bianca" which is a foccacia bread with peccorino cheese baked into the dough with a little olive oil, salt and bread crumbs on top..it is AMAZING!

                              1. Try plataforma and other rodizios for brazillian cheese bread. It is diffrent from what you are describing but it is delicious in its own right. Many brazilian restaurants/shops carry cheesebread. That, Pave and Brigadero are some of Brazil's great contributions to society.