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Jan 13, 2007 12:35 AM

Eats in LA's Chinatown

I was walking around Chinatown, had to go to the civic center so stopped by here too. anyways, i couldn't remember anything that was good there. Exept for Madarin Deli which now i had noticed had closed for good. (are other locations of it still open and as good?)

I noticed a joint named Foo Chow, brazenly stating that "a movie with hollywood stars was filmed inside here"???, is this resturant any good? or basically crap.

Also, noticed Yang Chow and have heard of it's famed slippery shrimp (what is slippery shrimp?) and also is this joint worth a visit or is it just a really busy version of a pseudo-downscale PF Chang's type of it.

Sam Woo ??? any good? for the ducks?

thanks this may help for future refernece.

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  1. Sam Woo is good, but its a chinese chain, I'd go for the Roast Pork or the Duck there.

    Won Kok has good take-out Char Sio Bao.

    sometimes it is daunting when you're just walking around

    1. The China Town Mandarin Deli is still there. The Little Tokyo location closed.

      I like Hop Li in China Town.

      1. Full House located on Hill Street is pretty good for generic Chinese; it's best to go a late weeknight as opposed to weekend - the cooking seems to be better.

        Asian Noodles isn't Chinese, it's Filipino, but the food I've had there has been very good. It's located on Spring just north of Cesar Chavez.

        I used to go to this place called Phoenix that's on the corner of Ord and the street between Broadway and Spring. It was good but haven't been there for a while.

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          full house is mediocre canto-chinese, but somehow it manages to draw mountain bar drunkards at 2am like a fluorescent bulb draws moths.

        2. I can't vouch for Foo Chow's food, but the movie filmed there was Rush Hour with Jackie Chan.

          1. Yang Chow's is awful. Slippery shrimp is an Americanized version of sweet and sour shrimp. It's not authentic Chinese, like egg foo young.

            The other locations of Mandarin Deli are open.