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Jan 12, 2007 11:13 PM

Nozawa - Trustworthy no more

I went to Nozawa today for the first time in about 2 years. Yes, it is true, the crab rolls were a quarter of the size that they used to be. I mean, it was a huge difference. That was a total shock because I just couldn't beleive it from other posts. I ordered the chef's special, which was mostly good. My 14 year old son had 4 orders from the menu and after he took a bite of his albacore, he had to quickly get it down with his water. I couldn't beleive it, because mine was so melt in your mouth good, so I picked up his other piece, popped it into my mouth and as I started to chew I got that "I'm going to barf" sensation and had to spit it out in my napkin. I'm confused, how could my peice of albacore have been so wonderful and his was so awful and possibly from an old peice of fish? This must have been on purpose and it pissed me off. Like if you don't "trust me", you get bad fish!! My god, he's only 14 and has a pretty impressive sushi palate for his age. The service was rushed and quick and there was a line out the door. my bill came to 78 bucks before tip and for the first time there, I felt totally ripped off. Thank heavens I live on the westside by so many near and dear sushi establishments. Nozawa style has always been my favorite, other chefs have finally risen above the master himself. Nozawa, you should be ashamed!

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  1. I think Nozawa is a delicious memory...

    1. Isn't a bit much to assume this slight (bad piece of fish) was done on purpose? I'm not a Nozawa expert, but it seems that a place that busy wouldn't have time or attention to purposely decide who to serve poorly. I'm assuming your son didn't call a lot of attention to himself...

      1. There's better sushi than Nozawa in Studio City anyway... next time get the $50 omakase at Tama.

        1. Your son got that piece on purpose. Nozawa is just an angry dude. He resents working for rubes, and saw your son as one.

          Totally agree on the Tama omakase rec, though you'll also do well a la carte. Last time we got a delicious (and complimentary) lotus root app. at the beginning of our meal. That's the kind of gesture that could not happen at Nozawa.

          1. Go to Takao in Brentwood - no attitude, great fish, interesting and delicious hot dishes plus the best tempura - made to order, once piece at a time at the sushi bar.

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              Takao (Brentwood) also has a large selection of Japanese salads, one of which is a tempura salad...quite tasty!