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Anyone have a particular brand of limoncello that they like?

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  1. I kind of like Villa Massa right out of the freezer. Strong flavor and not too sweet/perfumy like many of the others.

    1. Make some!

      Its sooooo much better than comercial stuff.

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      1. Haven't tried this one, as it's not distributed outside of TX, but 'Paula's Texas Lemon' is made in Austin and boasts "a Premium liqueur". Let us know how it is if you try it!

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          Paula's is great as is her Orangecello!

        2. Making your own is pretty easy if you can get the great lemons. If not, try Caravella.

            1. Caravella is delicious. Adds zing to so many martini recipes.

              1. Yes, try making your own. Its great. Get organic lemons and Everclear.

                1. Meletti. Not sure if you can buy it retail but restaurants carry it. Just like you get in the old country. Very lemony... like liquid sunshine.

                  1. I have a simple recipe given to me by my wonderful Italian friend, its very easy, just need lots of lemons...

                    1. i completely agree with the 'make-your-own' camp. and really, the process is what makes it wonderful. for what it's worth, i have (half of) a very long (and slightly distracted) recipe for the home-made yellow-goodness at http://nightingaleshiraz.com/blog/200... -- enjoy. ;o)

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                        Thanks to everyone, for your wonderful ideas. I usually buy Caravella, but sometimes I like to thin it out with a little vodka.

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                          You never try the limoncello of the i sapori di terra nostra?
                          i like it... it's a kosher limoncello, is it very very good.

                      2. The best limoncello I ever had was in a smal restaurant in Sorrento overlooking the bay of Naples and Capri. Ice cold and who cares the brand!

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