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Jan 12, 2007 10:51 PM

Anyone been to Royale on Wilshire and Rampart

Thinking about heading out to the newly opened restaurant/bar Royale tonight. Anyone been? Anyone actually had dinner there?

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  1. How I envy your opportunity to be a leader, not a follower (assuming you've done a search and nobody's posted here on Royale before).

    Go bravely, be the first to report, and gloat as others try to catch up!


      The space is gorgeous- a great outside patio (for when summer is back) reminiscent of the Viceroy- and the inside is immaculate with tall ceilings, beautiful architecture- very re-vamped 1920's. (Built in 1919, and it's rumored that Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers practiced their dancing in the restaurant which was once a ballroom.) They have not officially opened yet, (Jan. 17 is their Grand Opening) and you can tell that they are still getting the kinks out.

      The food is DELICIOUS. I had a "crudo" to start- an amazing tuna/avocado dish that was juicy and tender and flavorful. For dinner, I had their turbot, which was delicious and light and just what I was looking for. My SO had the filet mignon- and it was up there with have steak at Mastros. Very reasonably priced- the sommelier even upgraded our Spanish 2002 wine with a bottle of 1999 El Vinculo for the same price because they were out of our initial choice. The wine list is impressive- a lot of wines by the glass. The service was attentive, and the place was not crowded at all on a Friday night.

      The manager brought out a complimentary dessert which was a huge blue cotton candy tower on a plate (They called it the "Marge," as in Marge Simpson, I called it the blue afro.) We ate 1/4 of it and then ordered two more desserts that were absolute heaven. (Must try the chocolate sampler!) I always know a good restaurant by their attention to detail with coffee- and I was not disappointed. Delicious, hot, and served best black.

      Across the courtyard is their bar which is a nice spot- 2 different rooms to bring friends and listen to their d.j.

      My boyfriend was also excited that they served his favorite scotch- Johnny Walker Blue.

      I LOVED this place, and we'll be back. We are used to spending upwards of $300 for a meal, and tonight we sneaked away with $260 with tip. (We tipped 30 percent because we liked it so much.)

      BTW, you don't have to spend this much here...we're just those kind of diners.

      Go for romance or go with friends...but go soon because by spring this place will be packed.

      Have fun!

      1. I also went there and just had some drinks at the bar, and some crab cakes and other appetizers.

        The food was good, but because they haven't officially opened yet, the place was empty.

        I really hope it catches on, the bar and restaurant are some of the coolest spaces in LA.

        1. i am excited the reviews are positive because it's not too far and i am looking for somewhere to go tonight, bonus night! thank you MLK jr.

          1. The original comment has been removed