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Aebleskiver in LA

I was in Solvang yesterday and unfortunately didn't realize that the place I normally get an Aebleskiver would close early, so I missed out on one of the main reasons I was there. Instead I had to settle for one a couple doors down that was so bad that I tossed it.

Does anyone know of a place in LA that serves this dish? I didn't get a chance to quell my Aebleskiver craving so I need a fix. I'm talking the powdered sugar and raspberry jam.


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  1. ive seen them at hollywood farmers market

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      Was there this past Sunday and they are still there - a fair amount of people at the stall but I didn't try it...

    2. There's a place downtown in little Japan town (oddly enough) that makes the same kind of ableskiver thing. It's a little shop that has an outside window (similar to Solvang) and it's in an outside plaza shopping center across the street from the Geffen Contemporary downtown. Walk through that shopping area and on the right hand side you'll find that little shop.

      Not exactly ableskiver but pretty darn close.

      1. And I've seen them at the Torrance FM.

        1. Aebleskivers are traditionally served with Lingonberry jam, which used to be nigh unto impossible to find, but oddly, IKEA always has it in their food mart. There are no scandinavian restaurants in LA, and believe me, being a great dane... I have looked. The ones are Farmer's Market in LA are appallingly bad. I don't know why, they are a cinch to make once you have the pan.

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            my aunt makes them every christmas morning, this year we had them with homemade cranberry jam. boy are they good. i cannot believe that i saw this thread.

            where would one buy the pan?

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              Try aebleskiver.net..no, seriously..there's really an aebleskiver.net that sells pans, mixes, has recipes, etc.

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                you know the little japanese 99 cent stores sometimes sell little takoyaki pans for a dollar that look like they could do the trick. they have the perfect (perhaps slightly smaller than the average ableskiver) round holes that look very ableskiverish.

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                I saw one advertised in the most recent Williams-Sonoma catalogue.

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                  Just bought one at Kitchen Kitchen in Indian Wells for $21.95 so that Mme Zoe (a Dane on her Father's side) could make about 50 for a New Years Day brunch serving them with both raspberry jam and fresh raspberries. Outstanding except that a lot of guests asked "Are these beignets?"

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                  In Solvang, or each year at the SWEA Christmas festival, or maybe if there's a table at the Sons of Norway Lutefisk Feed in November...

                  You can also order them online. For Pete's sake don't buy them from Williams-$onoma or $ur-La-Table, you'll pay thrice the price for something not as nice.

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                  I remember the Red Room on La Cienega fondly. I thnk there's a need - esp since the closure of gustav anders and scandia.

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                    I also found the lingonberry labeled as Wild Swedish Lingonberries stirred w/ sugar at Smart & Final. Used it 1/2 & 1/2 w/ raspberry jam in LinzerTorte and it was really nice. Tart w/ firm whole berries. I saw several varieties of the pans at the Long Beach Antique & Collectible Swap meet lst Sunday and was tempted. That place has yielded some nice useable cookware like a spaetzle maker.

                  2. So it seems like if I want to have a good one, I might as well just wait until I make it back to Solvang. Too bad.

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                      Where do you get them in Sovlang? When I went there we went to sovlang restaurant (IIRC) and tried the aebleskivers. I thought they were ok, nothing special. Couldn't finish the serving.

                    2. Arne's (of Solvang) has a booth at the Northridge Farmers Market and the apple-skeevies are pretty good. I lurk until a fresh batch pops out of the griddle then I pounce so I get 'em fresh; moist and hot!
                      So all you gotta do is wait till the NFM opens again in the spring and drive up to no-man's-land on a Wednesday night for the little round waffles with powdered sugar and jam straight from Arne.

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                        That's a real chowhound---lurking around the farmers market, waiting for a fresh aebelskiver!

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                          They used to be at the Sunday SM Main Street market too. I never go anymore (the Westside might as well be on Jupiter for someone living in inland OC) so can't say for certain but if you call Arne's I'm sure they'll tell you.

                        2. This probably doesn't help right now, but I know that the Danish Lutheran Church from OC
                          always has a booth at the Orange Food Fair (every Labor Day weekend) that makes
                          really good Aebleskivers.

                          They don't use lingonberries (too expensive, I guess). They use some kind of a raspberry syrup or jam.


                          1. The Nordic Fox serves them. It's near Downey.

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                              I just went to the Nordic Fox for the first time. The aebleskivers are great, really. They serve them with Raspberry jam. Now I could be wrong, but any time I've been to Sweden (my mom is from there) they only use lingonberry jam for savories like meatloaf, meatballs, pork roast, etc. My grandma usually served strawberry jam with pancakes. It may just be a matter of taste.

                              Anyway, the Nordic Fox has a bit of a bad rap, but I had meatballs with gravy and aebleskivers and they were all served hot and tasted pretty damn good. The price was right too.

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                                Thank you so much for this report! I've just been using the search feature on CH to find out more about the Nordic Fox, and came up...well...Not too much of anything. Nothing horribly negative, just like the place was a Denny's trying to add some Nordic flair. So, they sound like they're worth a trip when i'm in SoCal next time.

                                Gosh, why are places Scandinavian so hard to find west of the Rockies, nowadays? Food-wise, anyways. It was such a fad in the 1960 and 70's, perhaps as all fads do..It just died. (unless your in Minnasota/Wisconsin, it's never left!) Maybe it's time for a comeback!?! Here's to hoping.

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                                  Jeez, I'd hate for my recommendation to be a "wasted" meal for someone from out of town! I went in with the lowest expectations possible, so that might have colored how I felt about the food.

                                  I have heard a lot of the food tastes frozen/from a can and I just ordered very carefully. They had a more extensive menu than I thought they would, but I would probably never order fish there, for example.

                                  Wouldn't mind hearing other reports!