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Jan 12, 2007 10:33 PM

Sushi First Timer in Tacoma

My husband finally ready to try sushi! I love the stuff but he has been pretty wary. I don't think he is quite ready for Fujiya or Two Koi It was suggested to me that I find a sushi bar with one of those conveyer belts that they put the rolls on right after they are prepared so my husband can see it being made and can get a little educated. Do you know where I can find a place like this between Tacoma and Seattle? Or maybe you have another suggestion for a virgin sushi eater?

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  1. Heartgritty, I strongly suggest you visit the kind staff at Sapporo in Fife. These gentle folks will guide you without being condescending or pretentious. They are warm, friendly and will keep your personal chop stix on display until your next visit. And belive me, you'll be back. When you're ready, head to Fujiya. After that, Shiro's in Seattle.

    1. Gary of Sushi on 38th st. is the best sushi in Tacoma. Being gritty you must stay in T-town. Also try Sushi Tama on 6th Ave., small place, friendly staff.

      1. don't eat at fujiya. over priced. not that great.

        1. Satsuma Bistro off the freeway in Gig Harbor (just across the Narrows Bridge). Very nice,Small well executed, they do a lot of the catering for corporations and moneyed private events in Seattle and the surroundings. Also, Fujiya is always one of the best.

          1. The thing about rotating sushi is that it's cheap! And lots of interesting things go by so it's like dinner (or lunch) and a show. If your hubby likes mayo then rotating (or kaiten) sushi would be a great start. There are lots of crab salad type things that are familiar to the newby.
            There is a new kaiten sushi place in Federal Way called Blue Island Sushi and Roll and it's located on 99 in a parking lot with Fat Burger, Rock Pizza and McDonalds and more so if your hubby chickens out you have options...
            If you go at lunch there is a lot to choose from and plates are $0.25 cents off. You pay by the color of the plate and the plainer things are all cheaper so you're in luck with a beginner.