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Good cheap eats in the South Bay?

My husband and I just moved to Lomita and are looking for good, cheap eats in the South Bay area. Any suggestions? TIA!

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  1. Bamboo Garden Buffet on Hawthorne Blvd. near Emerald.
    Chinese/Asian buffet. Lunch $5.99/person.

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      oh man. it certainly is cheap (because my dad is willing to take us there when he wants to "treat) but it's kinda GROSS. just my humble opinion (stale buffet food)

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        It certainly is cheap, but like the other poster said, I don't think it falls under the category of "good" at all. There's about 6 types of sushi: small, partially dried out. There's really no items that stand out that make you *want* to come back. In fact, the only reason that I return every so often is because I'm looking for a huge amount of food for a cheap price.

      2. Try the food stalls at Mitsuwas Market at Western & Carson. I was served a huge lunch (soup, char sui bai, entree, dessert and pickles) for about $8 at one of the stalls. The places serving udon and ramen don't skimp, either. The clam spaghetti at Italian Tomato is usually enough for two to share.

        1. Frito Misto for Italian (no/or very minimal corkage fee!)
          Ragin' Cajan
          Phucket Thai

          1. You should try Shin Shin Gemi Yakitori in Gardena. It's not cheap, but it's the best yakitori around. Go early or be prepared to wait.

            1. phuket thai isn't really what i would consider a good deal, not too cheap and the portions aren't great either...

              anyway though, for decent cheap eats in the lomita area:

              sue's kitchen for chinese beef noodle soup on crenshaw
              l&l bbq for hawaiian has a branch at crenshaw/lomita. though i do like some of the other branches better
              black olive on lomita blvd for italian, they have 1/2 price wine on wednesday i think?
              gaja for okonomiyaki and japanese bar food, can get pricy though if you want to try a bunch of different stuff or you hit the beer too much
              harry's bbq on narbonne- all bbq restaurants are kind of expensive but they have a happy hour deal where you can buy one sandwich, get one free...
              don't know if i should call this out, but in torrance on PCH there is a small family run coffee shop called jitters that has cheap breakfast, really good muffins too, cool 'cause it's not crazy crowded like a lot of breakfast places in the area
              there are a lot of restaurants around, i've been here only 6 months and haven't gotten around to trying everything, so if you find anything good please share!

              1. Busy Bee Market (for sandwiches)
                2413 S Walker Ave, San Pedro, CA
                (310) 832-8660

                I've been craving this for quite some time now myself. Do a search to read past threads.

                1. Al Noor for Pakistani in Lawndale. It's on Inglewood Blvd. Get the paneer tikka massala and the palak paneer.

                  Seafood Port (chinese) corner of Hawthorne and Torrance
                  The lunch specials are insanely cheap. You can literally eat for $5. Great green beans as well as chef special pork chops.

                  India Sweets and Spices. On Sepulveda a block west of Hawthorne. Again very cheap food. It's all vegetarian. Outstanding samosas.

                  1. For cheap eats in the South Bay, check out Chris cognac's web site http://www.CulinaryDetective.com . Chris is a real police detective who writes restaurant reviews of "cheap eats" in the Daily Breeze and was host of a Food TV Show with the same theme.

                    1. Definitely check out the Chris Cognac info. I'm forever indebted to him for Los Paisas (western and torrance blvd)
                      --The Local Place its a smaller version of King's Hawaiian (lots of men in blue there too..so you know its good) 184th(?) and Western (@405)
                      --El Burrito Jr. (Hawthorne and Torrance Blvd)
                      --Matsui (Western and Carson) great Japanese noodles
                      --MaMa Ramen (Torrance Crossroads) my favorite negi ramen