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Jan 12, 2007 10:14 PM

best romanian in sunnyside/woodside?

I know there are a couple on Skillman (Acasia, something like that). Are any of them worth checking out? Thanks!

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  1. Romanian Garden
    46-04 Skillman Ave., Sunnyside, Queens

    It's not a place for atmosphere, unless you like romanian tv/synthesizer music in a somewhat cheesey garden setting, but the food is excellent and very reasonably priced. I've never been disappointed.

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      1. re: foiehaha

        I've never been there but I think it became famous when Cornel Carasimu owned it. He sold it and then founded Harmony (see ) and Harmony 2 (47-57 41 Street. Sunnyside) People say that Romanian Garden is still good in the post-Cornel era.

    1. Based on a post here, I tried Acasa last year. It was great, and I added my account to the post.

      1. Either Acasa or Romanian Garden should be fine.

        Harmony has been long gone, it's now Tangra. Harmony 2 has become Harmony and I haven't been so no comment, although I'm sure Cornel does a good job still.