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is it possible to over-marinate? [moved from the Los Angeles board]

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I'm marinating some lamb shanks in red wine - the recipe says twelve hours only but I'm doing it for about 19. Is that too much?

The next step is sprinkling them with flour and browning them -- I guess I could take the shanks out of the wine and keep them wrapped until I need to brown them.

Any advice? what would you do?

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  1. I don't think you are going to suffer any ill effects for an extra 7 hours. I assume the meat would only absorb more flavor and color.

      1. I had a London Broil at one point that I marinated in red wine for a very long time. It tasted awful! It was wrapped in bacon so the problem may have been that the bacon didn't like being in the marinade for so long, but whatever it was, it was bad.

        1. Over marinating can change the texture to mush. I'd get those shanks out and held out of the marinade.

          1. seems to be 2 threads on this. here's my reply to the other, pasted here:

            depending on the ratio of acid in your marinade, it is possible to break down the meat "too much." if the recipe says 12 hours, you likely have a window, but i wouldn't stretch it too much. furthermore, i'd brown them and THEN store them for further cooking, otherwise they'll actually still be kind of marinating.

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              Indeed. With a red wine marinade I'd not try and go past 13-14 hours based on the recipe spec of 12 hours. Candy is right about overmarinating and changing the texture totally.

              My guess is with a lamb shank it is a little more forgiving but 19 hours would be too much.