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Jan 12, 2007 09:51 PM

Sandwiches Columbus, Ohio

Just looking for people's thoughts on places in Columbus to get good sandwiches.

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    1. re: Kelli2006

      Kelli, Katzinger's sandwiches are very ordinary deli and quite expensive. If you are ever in Cleveland, Chicago or NYC, venture to a REAL Jewish deli and taste the real thing. Barry's take out deli at the North Market is 100% better. Try them some time!

      1. re: Diane in Bexley

        I love a good deli sandwich, but Max's deli in Cleveland is good, but not great and the prices are about the same. The famous place in the Cleve' flats has good corned beef, but it not a true deli. There is a supposed to be a good deli in Shaker Heights, but I haven't ventured over there W/O getting lost.

        I had never heard about Barry's and the next time I am in C-bus I will have to stop there.

        Lou and Hys had good sandwiches, and orgasmic cheesecake when I went to Akron-U, but they are long gone(RIP)

        I have been to NYC and I stopped at Katz's, the Stage deli and few others that aren't as famous and they all had great corned beef and pastrami.

        Thanks for the hint about Barrys.

        1. re: Kelli2006

          clev has several typical old jewish deli's. you are prob referring to JACKS or CORKY & LENNYS? i dk. MAX'S is on the that doesnt count - lol!

          deli's aside, what clev really used to be known for is corned beef. the place you mentioned is SLYMANS in chinatown and it is the best known today, but there used to be many corned beef joints all over downtown and all over the place. there still are a few left if you look closely, like for example CJS CORNED BEEF CAFE in i think euclid and RATHSKELLER downtown. basically corned beef is or was to cleveland what pastrami is to nyc.

          re columbus. agree KATZINGERS is too expensive for what you get, but what a good way to splurge once in awhile. good stuff.

          you guys will kill me but i used to love GRINDERS open faced hero subs. i thought that was pretty unique and tasty. i know its WG GRINDERS now and i dk if the quality has dropped away over the years, but that was my thing. i also liked to get the little homemade sandwiches at BROWN BAG DELI too in german village. they werent very good really, but they were comfort food style just like you would make at home.

    2. Yep. Katzinger's. Period.

      1. Yeah for $10 a sandwich, they better be good.

        My personal not-to-miss sandwich is the #3 at Lac Viet in North Market. It's a marinated grilled beef with cilantro, lettuce, carrots and a tangy dressing on a crusty french roll, and at $3 each, is probably the best bargain lunch around.

        And Lindey's in German Village has an outstanding reuben.

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        1. re: dirtgirl

          is the bahn mi french roll made with rice flour?

            1. re: mrnyc

              They don't taste like rice flour, but they're still pretty good. Better Banh Mi is at Mi Mi Cafe at Cleveland Ave. and 161. It's a little Viet joint with four things on the menu including very good Pho. The owner has the rolls custom baked to his specs.

          1. The Rossi in the Short North (dinner only) does a great Ham & Egg sandwich with high quality jambon. Request the egg runny. When I lived in Columbus, it saved me from many a rough time the next morning.

            The Rossi is undoubtedly the best gastropub in Columbus and one of the best, outside of Chicago, in the entire midwest.

            1. Danny's Deli has the BEST Corned Beef.

              Yanni's Greek Grill: Best Gyros

              Jersey Mike's Subs: Club Supreme

              Thurman's Cafe: Thurman Burger

              Block's Bagels: Tuna Salad

              El Arepazo Latin Grill: Beef or Chicken Arepa

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              1. re: kimocorb

                Kimocrob, I have lived in Columbus a long time and searching for decent corned beef - where is Danny's deli? Have you ever had the corned beef in the North Market at Barry's? He used to work at Corky & Lenny's in Cleveland and to my mind (haven't yet tried Danny's) the best in Columbus.

                1. re: Diane in Bexley

                  Yes, I have been to Barry's and I used to think that was the best. I am from Cleveland and I used to get my Corned Beef from Vienna Corned Beef distributors which I think is the best you can get.
                  Danny's is located in the Huntington Building on the corner of Front and Broad in the basement. The enterance is near the garage on Front. I am not sure what their hours are so you should call. The sandwiches are HUGE and the corned beef is boiled fresh every morning.

                  Once you have one of these sandwiches you will know howt excellent corned beef should taste.

                  By the way....their corned beef makes the best CB hash.

                  Let me know what you think