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Jan 12, 2007 09:46 PM

Looking for places in the Detroit area

We have been venturing out for the last two years for Delicious so good food, and excellent service.
We have found:
Small Plates next to the Opera House our favorite waiter being Carlos.
Bastone on a corner in Royal Oak with two other sister restaurants all sharing the building. Havana one of the few places I have found not afraid to be spicy and low key and Vinnotecca with a great wine list and cheese and snack boards that has been a life savory for us as a constant stand by.
Cameron’s in Birmingham. It is a steak house nothing too exciting, but the food is ALWAYS great and it is the best service I have found in the area.
Il Posto has an Italian place that we found the food to also be so amazing to the taste. We had a dinner with 12 people, and everything came out excellent and timely considering the amount of people.
Holiday Market and Papa Joe’s have been a life savor to pick up dinner for home, just good meats and produce. With knowledgeable staff that will go out of their way to help.
I hope this helps anyone interested.
I would love to hear some other spots, please pile them on.
Especially Chef Owned restraunts

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  1. Well, you seem to be gearing your comments toward upscale places, and great food doesn't necessarily have to be upscale. Here are a couple of suggestions:

    1. Chef Ed's Weekday Cafe (16749 E 9 Mile Rd., Eastpointe, MI 586-778-6433)

    Ed and Candace Shogren have been running this very small place in Eastpointe for three years now, and it's not hard to understand why they've succeeded. They were Eastpointe's Business of the Year in 2005, and with good reason. Everything is made in house (with the exception of the sandwich breads, I think), right down to the soup stocks, four of which are available every day. There's also a daily fish special, which Ed absolutely works magic with. I had it yesterday, and it was a grilled lake trout served with lemon beurre blanc, rice pilaf, and vegetable medley (zuccini, onions, tomatoes). It was as wonderful as it sounds, and an absolute *steal* at $8.95. I have never, *ever* been disappointed with anything I've ordered. Be sure to leave room for Ed's homemade desserts, and be prepared to wait for a table at the obviously heavy meal hours. With 16 seats, it's a small place, but nicely appointed, worth the wait, and owned by the very welcoming couple. Note that it's only open on (you guessed it!) weekdays, from 7AM-7PM. Do *not* walk in at 6:45PM expecting to be able to sit down and order anything and everything you want...the grill's probably turned off by then, and they want to go home. It's most definitively a mom-and-pop operation, but believe me: it's *great* because of it, as the quality of the food is top-notch. Candice works the front of the house, and Ed the kitchen, so it's not a massive operation. Not to be missed. Tip your server!

    2. Scotty Simpson's Fish and Chips (22200 Fenkell, Detroit, MI 313-533-0950)

    Absolutely, positively, the best fish and chips money can buy, at least in this area. I've never eaten better *anywhere*. Decidedly downscale, but very affordable, you won't believe all the handmade food this place provides. The batter for the seafood, onion rings, and anything else battered that goes in the fryer? Homemade. The cole slaw? Homemade. The tartar sauce? Homemade. The clam chowder? Homemade. The pies on Friday and Saturday? Homemade. You get the idea.

    It's not just that it's homemade,'s a culinary delight of the deep fried variety. I have never, *ever* had better fish and chips or onion rings. E-V-E-R. See my comments in the "Best Fish and Chips in Detroit" post about this place, and read the comments of those who followed my recommendation. You'll start to understand, but you won't *truly* understand until you experience the wonder for yourself. Again, this is a chef-owned place.

    3. Brandon's L-Bow Room (20000 Harper Ave., Harper Woods, MI phone currently off)

    Brandon Kahlich's very impressive little place is currently closed, as I found out earlier this week, due to a fire in the hotel the restaurant is attached to. *Very* unfortunate, since Brandon's fare is completely unexpected in this neighborhood. His crab cakes will make you weep for joy, and the rest of the menu is great as well. In fact, besides the Thai fried rice, I think I've only ever had seafood there, and I've never once been disappointed. I have no idea when it'll be reopening, but I hope it's sooner rather than later, since the loss is larger than most might think. I've called Brandon's cell a couple of times and left a message, and haven't heard back, so I hope everything is okay. It'd be a shame to lose this place, especially since it's owned by the chef, and I don't *want* him in someone else's kitchen working for *them*...I want him to be able to do his thing his way in his place. More upscale than the first two places, but worth it in spades.

    So there are three places to consider, two on the east side, and one in the city. Bon appetit!

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      Thank you, boagman for your recs! I'm about 10 minutes from Chef Ed's, and I have MLK Day off, so there I go. I'll post tomorrow after stopping for lunch!

    2. Thank you for you time and everything is on my list to try. I too hope The L-Bow room opens back up!
      Oh I am definitely looking for good food in what ever price or form. I love the stories that can go along with it, and to be surprised is always a treat. Any other suggestions you could have I would greatly appreciate.

      1. I have to agree with boagman great food does not have to come from upscale restaurants. I have found the best little place.

        * Mr. Brew-Stirs 25077 Ecorse Rd. Taylor, MI 313-281-1384

        This place is a very nice neighborhood grill that serves the best breakfast they have the best biscuits and gravy, incredible hamburgers, thier deli sandwiches are huge and they have great bread. Very nice wait staff, clean just a very nice place. They only seat about 25 people and is becoming a favorite for many people. Alot of my friends have went to Mr. Brew-Stirs and have put this place on thier list of just great places to eat.

        1. Dim Sum at Shangri-La on Orchard Lake is a great experience. Be aware that the lines are long.

          1. soft shell tacos at el charro in fraser
            alibi pizza in troy
            227 bistro in downtown rochester
            mon jin lau in troy for eclectic chinese
            noble fish in clawson for sushi
            vicente's downtown detroit for cuban
            streetside seafood in birmingham
            roma cafe in eastern market for old school italian
            assagi in fasionable ferndale for upscale mediteranian
            fran o'brian's crab house in auburn hills
            pi's thai in hazel park
            cloverleaf in east pointe for square pizza