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NOTL option other than Stone Road

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I'm looking for a dinner venue to finish off a day this weekend which will begin with an afternoon wine/cheese tasting at a NOTL winery on Stone Road and then transition to walking around NOTL stores and then dinner.
After reviewing the old posts, I decided on Stone Road Grille. Unfortunately, Stone Road is closed for at least the next week. What would be your next best bet?
Epicurean vs. Peller vs. ???
I've eaten at Hillebrand and Inn on the 20 before so would prefer a place that I haven't been to.
Would prefer not ultra-casual but comfortable with great food is fine.
Price isn't necessarily too much of a concern - but I would like to know that what I am paying for is truly worth the difference in food/service, etc.
I would prefer something in downtown NOTL as I will be walking around the shops just before dinner but choices there seem limited. I am willing to drive to a NOTL winery for dinner if that is the clear winner. Thanks

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  1. What about Restaurant Tony DeLuca in the Obann Inn. I had an amazing meal there this summer.

    1. Hi,
      Epicurean is a nice laid back place in the evening and not overpriced like many other places in that village.

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        Thanks - I have reservs at Epicurean - just wondering if there was a not-to-miss that I haven't read about.

      2. Never had much luck in the downtown but Treadwell's in Port Dalhousie is about 20 min. away and is the best in the region right now as far as I've experienced.

        1. Epicurean is reliably good and reasonably priced. (It costs more then it seems, though, since dinner portions are not large.) I would consider it to be quite casual.

          I've heard very good things about Tony DeLuca, though I found his cooking at his previous venue to be overrated. I haven't been to the Oban place yet.

          We had a very good dinner experience at Zee's last summer. (Stone Rd sent us there when they were full.) Other posts indicate this place may not be a sure thing, but we were very happy.

          The Gate House is lovely (though I haven't eaten there in many years).

          That's about it for the walking area of the town.

          We had an extraordinary meal at Peller on one occasion, but we knew someone working there and got some special preps and some comps. Other times it has been fine, but not fabulous. Ditto for Strewn.

          The Riverbend Inn is pretty and cozy, and their bar menu was very tasty. I have not sampled the menu from the adjacent dining room.

          I don't think the dining rooms at the Vintage Inns are worth the money or bother. The Shaw Cafe is a ripoff.

          Treadwell is a talented chef, but I assume this is too far away and I think they are currently closed.

          1. You can also consider Inn on the 20 if you don't mind the drive to Jordan.

            1. Just to let you know, Treadwell is closed till Feb. 1st. My father and I are away on holidays, but will be back in a few weeks. Thank you, nonetheless, for the nice comments.


              1. Ended up going to Epicurean. Showed up a bit early for the reservation as the town (as I suspected) was completely dead by 5.15 or so on Sunday evening and there wasn't much more to do other than eat. I didn't realize there was a back section vs. a front section at first and walked by a couple of times before deciding to go in as the ultra casual front section was turning me off. The back section wasn't quite open yet but we were seated. Beware that Epicurean is doing renovations to the back section and it is very cold in the restaurant as a result. They post many signs warning of this though. The one thing that was avoidable is that the side door in the back of the restaurant was used over and over by workers going across the lane to somewhere? It seemed that to preserve the temperature for the patrons it would make more sense to have workers use the front door or a different door as it was also very distracting.
                The food was adequate for the price.

                1. I forget what it's called but the restaurant at the Prince of Wales is very nice. A bit pricy but not crazy and good food, IMHO.