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Pierogies in Metro Detroit

Please share with me your opinions as to where to find the best pierogies in Metro Detroit and why. Will it be in Hamtramck, Troy, Rochester, Wyandotte, or somewhere yet undiscovered?

Thanks for your help!

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  1. My sister-in-law's father patrols the Hamtramack church bazaars for the finest in farm cheese pierogis. Delicious.

    1. Try Kopytko's Meat Market in Hamtramck. Their kielbasa is out of this world, and so I'd bet their pierogies are, too. Let us know if you try them.

      1. Christines Cuisine in Ferndale on Nine Mile at Hilton.

        1. Judith Harris Solomon of the Detroit News recently published a taste test of pierogi from five local establishments.

          Ranked from best to worst were

          1. Glass Onion Café in Clinton Township.
          2. Polish Market in Hamtramck, Macomb Township, Troy and Wyandotte.
          3. Pyza European Homemade Cooking Carry-out and Catering in Shelby Township.
          4. Polonious Restaurant in Wyandotte
          5. Utica Heights Bakery in Utica.

          The full article is at

          Although I can't vouch for either, I've heard many good things about the pierogi at Steve's Three Brothers Restaurant 17820 W. Warren Avenue in the Warrendale neighborhood of Detroit.
          and for take-out Lila's Pierogi, 27811 Five Mile, Livonia.

          However, I can vouch for the delicious pierogi at the Polish diner Jim's Place Family Dining at 13245 Michigan Ave in Dearborn. They're excellent.

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            Hmmm. Perhaps a trip to Jim's Place Family Dining is soon in order.

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              Sure thing. I just got back from lunch at Three's Brothers. The pierogi there were good and arguably better than Jim's. But Jim's kielbasa is definitely tastier to my (albeit non-Polish) palette than Three Brother's.

          2. My fave place hasn't yet been mentioned.

            The Polish Village in Hamtramck makes the best ever pierogi for my money. Their mushroom pierogi are out of this world, full of finely chopped, sauteed mushrooms. Have them boiled not fried to get all the flavor of the mushrooms. Also their sweet cheese pierogi are amazing. only slightly sweet and with a hint of almond extract.

            You can dine there or order them by the dozen to make at home.

            1. Is Polish Village on Yemans Street just east of Joseph Campau? It sounds like it's worth a drive.

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                Yes, that's the one. Thanks for posting the name of the street, I couldn't think of it.

                Their mushroom pierogees are so amazing, I just ca't tell you how good they are. They have to be on our table each year for Easter.

                Part of me hates to say this but, Polish Village's pierogi are better than my own Grandmother's!

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                  Thanks for the tip. If you're ever in Livonia, you might want to try the pierogi at Lila's Pierogi at 27811 Five Mile Road. This shop sells nothing but frozen homemade pierogi in 20 flavors, including mushroom & mozzarella and mushroom & onion. I stopped by there yesterday and bought a half dozen potato & cheese pierogi, thawed them in the microwave, and heated them (they're precooked) on a buttered skillet. Delicious. Any shop that can make a business of selling only pierogi must do a good job of it.

              2. Thanks for the suggestions. I'm looking forward to trying all the places mentioned during this cold winter weather!

                1. I haven't tried any of the others on this thread, but...
                  Three Sisters on Rochester Road on ROchester makes OK pierogies, as well as OK halupki, but neither are as good as my Grandma's.
                  There is also a Polish Hall on Maple Road, I think in Troy. Three Sisters was better IMO.
                  I need to try the places in Hamtrammack.

                  1. A great polish dish - city chicken! Rudys Market in Clarkston has some great city chickens you can bake yourself, and Schwans (yep those yellow trucks) has some rather good pierogies of the frozen kind.

                    1. St. Theresa's Guild of St. Florian church in Hamtramck may very well make the best pierogi in Metro Detroit. Some people say the best restaurant pierogi are served at Krakus bar. Kopytko pierogi are very good, but different because they are made without eggs. Srodek's pierogi are widely accepted as the favorite of Hamtramckans. My person favorites are the potato and farmer's cheese pierogi from Stan's.

                      1. Ive tried most of the places and have gotten pierogi through the mail. Seriously, Their is no comparison to lilas. The absolute best ive ever had. I stop bye once a week.