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Is anyone familiar with this product? I might have the spelling wrong. I would like to find in the NYC area....or be able to order it online.

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  1. That was an old brand of margerine. I remember my mother buying it in the 50's-60's. Have not seen it in years.

    1. A Google search turned up tons of info -- sounds like pretty nasty stuff, actually -- not butter at all.

      1. Nucoa was one of the original margarines, going back to the post WW1 era, sold on it's purity (that's how they tried to spin the whiteness required because butter producers forced margarine producers to keep margarine white). I grew up with it. Wasn't particularly nasty as margarines went. It hasn't been widely distributed since the 1970s, though it seems it might not quite be dead.

        1. My grandfather (who passed away about 4 years ago close to age 90) won a baking contest with a coffee cake made with Nucoa. It is margarine. I baked the cake with my kids about 2 years ago and we used Nucoa. We live in Los Angeles and it is available here at the major supermarket chains.

          1. My best friend grew up with it in her family in Orange County, CA. I didn't learn about it until about 10 years ago. While at her parents' house at Christmas, there it was, plopped on the dinner table -- "Nucoa No Burn".

            Any mention of the word, Nucoa, and he dad spouts, "It doesn't burn." They must have had some marketing campaign.

            So, yes, it's still available, but I don't know about in NYC.

            1. I am very familiar with this product. In fact I used Nucoa for years up til I moved from California to North Carolina this past December. I was actually on tonight looking for a way to purchase it and have it deliverd to my home here in North Carolina seeing I cant find it any where out here. I use this with all my baking and my baking hasnt been the same without it. If I find some where I can purchase it and have it shipped to me I will let you know.

              1. I use it to make Rocky Road fudge. I use to buy it at a candy store in San Jose, CA. I now live in So. Calif and have not been able to find a place that sells it....It looks like frozen crisco that's been shaved. You melt it and it makes the chocolate shiny and smooth...Good luck finding it.

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                  My grandma made Rocky Road with it as well as her Mom every Christmas when they lived in San Jose, Ca. I have now taken over the tradition. I live in So. Calif and still order Nucoa Butter from the same candy store they bought it from. I can't imagine the Rocky Road being any good without it!

                2. It seemed familiar to me, but the spelling threw me off for a moment. Then I remembered, the 'A' is not pronounced.

                  If you google nucoa vintage commercials, there is a link for Best Foods which can let you view old TV commercials in iTunes. I couldn't figure out how to make that page a clickable link...

                  1. I've been using NUCOA for at least 40 years. It WAS the absolute best for cooking (would not burn at normal cooking temps), spreading, baking, etc until very recently. It was, in my opinion, the finest margarine on the market. Within the last year they changed their formula. It is no longer MARGARINE and is now BUTTERY STICKS. It sucks! It won't melt, is greasy and has no taste. If you'll notice there are hardly any margarines left anymore, everything is now "spread." BTW, I always pronounced the "a" in Nucoa just like in "cola." Also, I saw somewhere on the net that it is only available in the western states. Strange if true since it is a product of GFA Brands, Paramus, NJ. 201-421-3970

                    1. I lived in Reno, NV. NUCOA WAS IN EVERY STORE. I moved to MO. Its not in any store here. I am upset with Nucoa co. The co. Is in New Jersey you would think they would sell to State's closer...Amazon was selling it.