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Jan 12, 2007 09:19 PM

Omakase under $75?

I'm looking for high quality sushi places with omakase under $75. I don't care about decor or service -- just excellent fish. Any suggestions?

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  1. Ushiwaka Maru...had the $70 omakase again the other night and it was just the most creative and top notch I've had at that price.

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      1. You can easily do this as Yasuda, assuming you aren't drinking, or not drinking much. So why bother anywhere else?

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          Because "anywhere else" might be just as good or better! :)

          1. re: djwackfriz

            Welcome your suggestions. I haven't had seen anything to improve upon at Yasuda. Well, maybe sake selection. But Sakagura is across the street.

        2. Inase has an awesome one for $50. Very traditional Japanese. Very high quality fish. I have had the freshest sushi in Asia and definitely know what good sushi is. The sushi chefs speak little English. Drink warm sake with it. They have some nice ones.

          1. The best omakase bang for the buck, IMHO, is Shimizu (51st bet 8th and 9th)

            Its not fancy, but the fish there is great. Very fresh and a great variety.