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Jan 12, 2007 08:54 PM

I really need to find this spring

My Henkels poultry shears have a broken spring. I took an afternoon and poked around on the web a couple of months back but had no success. The spring just rusted through and I can kind of get it to hold together but it is frustrating. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

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  1. You can try buying some gardening pruners that have the same spring device, I used them all the time when I was working with a landscaper. The only problem is finding one that's cheap - they may end up being as expensive or even more expensive than a new pair of poultry shears. Either way, check out that avenue. Home Depot or a hardware store or some kind of online gardening website may sell replacement springs for pruning shears and I'd be willing to bet the strength/resistance is almost identical. Because they're used for outdoor applications you might find the quality to be even better (rust resistant).

    1. Try Googling Henckels, you should find their corporate web site for the U.S. then check that site out, many manufacturers sell spare parts through their web sites. An alternative would be to find a local cutlery shop in your area, if they offer knife sharpening services they may also be in a position to get your part for you.

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        I did try the Henkels site to no avail. We have no cutlery shops but some places that sell cutlery. I worked in one and sold them to my self quite sometime ago but the shop changed owners and they dropped the line and went to Wustof.

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          Oh thank you very much! An order will go in tomorrow!

        2. That spring looks just like the one in my Felco bypass pruners. I'd take it to a garden shop and measure it against several for size and order it online if the garden shop doesn't have replacement parts in stock. Not likely since Felcos last forever, the reason you pay so much for them.
          That spring is similar to the ones used in tin snips and several other tools, so an old-fashioned hardware store - not a Home Depot - but the type of place that contractors use, might well have replacement parts for high quality tools in stock.

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            Hehe - you missed checking the link I posted! And yes, they make wonderful pruners. Best of the best, IMO.

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              was on the phone. Just as well.
              The advise to measure stands. That is NOT a universal spring. Felco sells two sizes at least and perhaps neither will work for Candy.
              I still can't believe that the Germans don't sell a replacement part. Dang! They repair everything!

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                Funny about the "Germans don't sell a replacement part..."

                I equipped our condo with Grohe (German) plumbing fixtures throughout, and had a minor problem with a shower control. I called Grohe and they sent me a couple parts to fix the problem, plus detailed instructions. Thank God they were detailed, because the control had more pieces inside than any faucet I have ever seen. The fix worked fine, and all the plumbing pieces have worked very well for three years.

                If I had any idea of the complexity of the Grohe stuff I would have stuck with high-end Delta fixtures which are admirably simple and durable.

                My son, an engineer with Wrigley Co., selects and installs quite a few German production-machinery components in his work. When I mentioned this faucet problem, he laughed and said no German mechanical designer will use one piece in a mechanism when he could fit in ten or twelve.


          2. You are right about the Felco pruners. I just looked at mine and it is a much sturdier spring. Good idea! First place I looked was a local hardware store. I was sure they would have something like that.

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              Oh ok cool - so you have some Felco pruners too?! So even though it's a sturdier spring is it the right size? Hopefully it'll fit. Maybe it's sturdier because it hasn't rusted through ;-)